14 Day Fat Loss Program

14 Day Fat Flush

Do you start a new health and fitness program only to fall off the wagon within a few weeks?

Or put 100% into a new plan, but just don’t see the results?

Just want to have better health, energy, confidence?

If you are sick and tired of buying gym memberships that just don’t work to help you lose weight because they are boring, uninspiring, not educational, supportive or fun – or are tired of trying countless diets and exercise programs that just don’t work to give you the body you want…and trying to do this all alone…

Then, keep reading…

We all need a little kick-start, an extra boost to your fitness, or your first steps to getting fit, this is all you need.

Here, you will discover the most powerful and effective fat-melting and muscle toning training program and nutrition program.

No matter how many times you have failed or tried to lose weight, this fun, results guaranteed program will get you into incredible health with a strong positive mindset and loads of energy, and FAST!


Which of the following are you sick and tired of dealing with the most?

  •   Feeling embarrassed and not happy with how your body looks?
  •   Super strict diets that just don’t work and are impossible to stick to?
  •   Not being able to fit into your favorite clothes?
  •   Doing endless amounts of long and boring cardio?
  •   Constantly worrying about how you look and feeling self-conscious?
  •   Trying countless gym memberships with no real results?

Imagine what it would be like if you never had to worry about any of these ever again…

Well, in just 2 short weeks, you can start to put away those fears and step into your desires! You can build your
confidence and know that you can be successful on your fitness journey.


Here’s what you get with our 14 Day Kick Start Program

Daily group training sessions

Including a huge variety of programs, movements, exercises, strength training, conditioning, body weight training and outdoor fitness sessions supervised by our professional coaches at Aspire. We will guide you towards the body of your dreams and make fitness fun  (Because of this supervised intense training, you’re going to notice changes in your body in the very first 2 weeks. But, don’t worry it’s go at your own pace. We can modify for any fitness level.)


This is why most programs fail. But, not here! We engineered our challenge to be in teams, so you can motivate one another. PLUS, coaches are going to motivate you every single workout, bringing out the best in you. You are going to be pumped and excited to workout, as your body gets leaner, toner, and into killer shape. (Without this external motivation, it is EXTREMELY difficult for most people to get into shape.)


No more “I just go to the gym and have no idea what to do”. Or, I think I know what I’m doing, but for some reason “I don’t have the body I want” excuses. During your Workout your fitness coaches will guide you every step of the way, making it super EASY to lose fat and tone up your entire body.


You don’t get a “personal trainer” you get a team of Fitness Coaches who will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFELY and correctly.  That’s the Ultimate Ride and Fitness experience! We keep an eye on you from every angle.


Your Ultimate Ride and Fitness Coaches will give you mental, physical and emotional support that is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in making consistent progress. Whenever you need us, we will be there for you. (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 30 days… we’re here to make sure this DOESN’T happen to YOU.)


Showing up is half the battle. Your coaches will make sure you show up to all your workouts, making it inevitable for you to get into mind-boggling shape. (This is the area where most people need help with and we are here to give it to you).  You may find us sitting next to you in restaurants unbeknownst to you!

Nutritional Instruction and 14 Healthy Meal Plans

Yes, you will get 14 healthy meals that will fast track your results! And you’ll learn which foods help you burn fat and tone muscle and which foods you must avoid.  We give you an easy to follow plan and your coach is going to even show you how to eat out at restaurants.  Your nutritional cleansing coach is going to make eating healthy so easy, that fat is literally going to melt off your body. Our nutrition program is realistic and easy to follow. No starvation diets (we don’t believe in those.)

Fun Workouts

If you like something, you are going to keep doing it. Your Valentine Fat Flush 14 Day Challenge experience is going to make your program fun and exciting.  You are going to love your workouts.

Team Work

You are 3x more likely to still be working out one year later when you have a workout buddy! That means results, the body you want plus healthy and happiness you want! That’s why we built it for you, a friend, co-worker or family member to do it together.

Nutrition Coaching Bangkok

This is your time because…

You will..

LOSE FAT and get the proper kick-start your body needs – Your Ultimate Ride and Fitness Coaches will have you looking super lean in no time.  With traditional methods over 95% of people who lose fat gain it all right back again.  Our team is going to help you be part of the 5% that lose fat, tone up and never gain the weight back again.

STRENGTHEN AND LEAN OUT your entire body – Your coaches are going to make sure you are lean, tone, and tight everywhere on your body.  You will see definition in places you never thought you would.  We are going to give you a flat and tight stomach, shapely legs and arms, beautiful shoulders and back.  Basically, you are going to look better than ever. When people rely on pills and crash diets, they might lose a little weight loss, but end up just looking like a weak and sickly smaller version of themselves with soft and mushy muscles… with our program you will look FIT and HEALTHY.

Be Much MORE CONFIDENT – A confident person is very sexy, has great self-esteem, more successful, and in control of the direction of their life. Confidence helps us achieve and do things most people could never even dream of. As you go through the “Valentine Fat Flush” 14 Day Challenge and get into amazing shape, you will build tremendous amounts of confidence. You are going to be unstoppable. (You are going to be so confident; life is just going to seem much easier for you).

How Does our Program Compare to Others?

[table type=”table-bordered”]

14 Day Kick Start Program Other Gyms
The 14 Day Fat Flush fuses clean eating nutrition, supplementation, exercise and everything else you need to get you the real, visible results you’re after in record time. Programs Often some cookie cutter approach, failing to address all the needed areas for a complete personal fitness training program which in the end hinders if not blocks any long-term results.
The Nutrition Manual clearly outlines what needs to happen to get maximum results in minimum time.Plus we’ll keep you going strong 24/7 with the Training program designed to keep you on track when you’re at home. Nutrition Misses the boat completely.   Either none or barely any help here. Maybe a nutrition pamphlet or a one-time meal plan that gets old and stale after one week.
The training workouts are fun, fast-paced and effective. Variety keeps the workout fun and your muscles guessing what’s next. Plus the supportive environment of your peers will push you that extra distance giving you the energy and drive you didn’t know you have. Training Often slow-paced with clipboards talking for 2-3 minutes in between sets. Workouts are repeated week in and week out setting you up for boredom and lack of results. Or so extreme that they cause injury!
Our program is literally the best value for everything you get:  LASTING RESULTS!  And We GUARANTEE RESULTS! Rates Most other trainers clubs don’t have a clue when it comes to results, a proven plan to get results.
You’re guaranteed to get real-tangible results in as little as 2 short weeks. Getting in awesome shape is simple when you have a proven and effective fitness program. Results Good luck. If you don’t get results that’s too bad. You should have done better type of mindset. By failing to address all the areas needed for optimum results there’s no way you’ll get the results you’re after.
You’ll have fun and get in a super effective fat-burning workout at the same time. The fast paced keeps you busy and not bored. Fitness coaches will get you into the greatest shape of your life! FUN Nothing less fun than having a Personal Trainer with superior genetics flexing their muscles and having the mindset that you’re inferior.



[table type=”table-striped”]

Critical components for successful fat loss:   ASPIRE  Weight Loss Center / Clinic   Pills And Powders   Working Out On Your Own   Health Club Or Gym  
Accountability   Yes Sometimes No No No
Motivation / Support   Yes Maybe No No No
Supportive Nutrition   Yes Depends No No No
Reduced Body Fat   Yes No No Maybe Maybe
Faster Metabolism   Yes No Possibly Maybe Maybe
Fun & Varied Training   Yes No No Not Likely Not Likely
Long-Term Results   Yes No No Maybe Possibly



If you really want to lose fat and get into amazing shape…

Call us at 02 229 4114 or if you are ready to!


Just 3,900 Baht (+vat) or FREE for Aspire clients when you bring a new friend to join.

Just 2,900 Baht, when you sign up with a friend :)

Results guaranteed as long as you follow the program as it’s designed.


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You have 2 choices…

You can either click away right now, running away from this solution that will work, destined to live the same painful life in the body you have, that will only get worse in the months to come, living a life where you are:

  • Suffering low self-esteem
  • Depressed and lethargic, missing some great opportunities in life
  • Over-weight and unhealthy
  • Wearing baggy clothes to hide your body fat
  • Simply being embarrassed of how your body looks…
  • Always wishing you could make the change….


Register below to get on the fast-track to getting the body, health and life you truly deserve and have always wanted.

Just imagine in a matter of weeks how great life will be waking up with a body you can be proud of…

  • You are 6-8 lbs. lighter and your body is tight
  • Your clothes are now loose on you, and you have to buy new skinnier clothes
  • No more belly fat…Hello flat stomach
  • Your butt, thighs and arms are now firm and tone
  • Your confidence is sky high and you feel like a million bucks
  • You feel great because you know you look great
  • Heads turn as you walk by, everywhere you go
  • You look hot and sexy in your bathing suit at the beach

You’re an intelligent person, I trust you’ll make the right decision. And don’t forget.. what’s the definition of insanity?


This is where it all changes. So take charge, take action, decide to MAKE THE CHANGE!

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