Welcome to the Youth Performance Institute (YPI), a division of Aspire


YPI is dedicated to the quest of enriching young lives through fitness and sport performance training by educating and functioning as a resource for youth Coaches and PE teachers in the development of motor skills and how to implement concepts that provides an environment that stimulate children and young athletes in every aspect of sport and fitness.

YPI strives to engage and prepare youth to become competent movers, build confidence and crate a positive long term connection with physical activity – staying injury free, motivating and encouraging physical activity and health that enhance general physical development and wellbeing, allowing children and youth to move better in the game of life.

“Studies show that interventions to increase physical activity and improve nutrition is the most effective method to improve student academic and athletic performance”
– ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)


Our Goal for the New Generation:

Our focus is to provide optimal, safe and enjoyable environments to develop athleticism and fundamental movement skills in young athletes and children, globally.

YPI functions as an educator, resource and guide to schools, coaches, teachers, parents, athletic directors, youth sport teams and organizations that work with developing athletic abilities in children and youth.

YPI has delivered excited coaching workshops for coaches, PE teachers and Athletic Directors through Asia, including Manila, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, and also Beijing and Shanghai. We have received amazing feedback and success from schools, coaches and directors on how our programs have enhanced the level of understanding of coaches and the needs of their teams and players.

Youth Performance Institute clinics, coaching and programs:

YPI is leading the way in youth fitness and conditioning in Thailand, South East Asia and beyond with our youth programs.

Delivered by the most well-educated team of Youth Fitness Specialist Coaches in Asia, YPI Performance Clinics will enhance your child’s or team’s sport performance, general fitness and well-being, as well as providing an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment that will sow the seeds for a lifetime of sporting excellence and health.We believe that every child has the right to a safe and efficient athletic education that teaches correct fundamental movement patterns.

We also believe that quality always comes before quantity in physical activity and sports.

Moving is exploring and simply having fun. The Youth Performance Institute is dedicated to enhancing athletic and physical education programs for youth in the international school community.

YPI functions as a platform and resource for youth coaches and teachers on professional development, athletic program design and lesson planning, creating an environment for youth athletes to move better, perform better and stay injury free. Does your school share our values?

We offer youth fitness programs at Aspire, a youth friendly performance based facility for greater achievement both physically and academically.

After school youth conditioning programs throughout the year and sport specific age graded programs and clinics throughout Asia during the holiday periods.

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