Aspire 2.0

Aspiring to the Future...

Change is the only constant. Unfortunately, discussions with renewal of our lease, challenges with the building regarding noise, damage / risk from dropping means Aspire will not be able to continue to run services or classes at the Phromphong location.

The last day of operations will be Friday, September 27th, 2019.

We will continue to focus on results based coaching and private training programs at our private studio in Asoke.

Group training will continue at Soi 16.

An even stronger focus on impeccable service, accountability and science driven results. Excitingly, this is does open the opportunity to have greater focus on the coaching and results of our clients as well as raise the standard of coaching in the industry.

Where will Personal Training sessions be held?

Our new HQ and private training studio is now fully operational. This allows us to offer a completely private training and coaching experience.
We will continue to offer our industry leading and results driven services from our Private Studio.
  • Private coaching
  • Semi private training
  • Specialised programs
  • Physical therapy / rehab
Ensuring our services to ensure complete privacy, personalised attention and dedication to results.
All sessions and visits are by appointment only leading to greater flexibility for clients along their journey to results.

Options to continue your training

As we focus on private training and coaching programs, we would love you to experience for yourself. To help you get laser focused, committed and accountable to your goals.

We have made a very special option for you to continue with consistent training, 2 or 3 times per week, and coaching on nutrition, habits, lifestyle management and to optimize your energy with a dedicated coach in a small and private training setting.

  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Coaching
  • Strategies for success.

8 x month: 7,200 per month (Normally 11,200)
12 x month: 9,600 per month (Normally, 14,400)
+ vat
– Recurring for 3 months.

The special pricing will be available October-December and limited places are available. Only 4 people per peak time slot.

Dedicated 6 Week Program:
8 x month: 14,400 Baht (Normally 18,000)
12 x month: 18,000 Baht (Normally 23,400)

Alternatively, you can continue with our team of incredible coaches at Soi 16 with the 8 or 20 packs for group training.

Time slots are based on demand and requests.

CrossFit, Group Training and Bootcamp

CrossFit will no longer be continued. We have pioneered these areas of the industry. For this we are proud and blessed to have had the opportunity to inspire many to better health, new health lifestyles and amazing transformations.

CrossFit is a methodology. It forms the foundation of physical and mental preparedness and has been a cornerstone of our programming for private coaching clients also. That methodology will remain and be a foundation of our training methodology in our private training systems for optimal health, fitness and results.

Group Training at Soi 16 and Bootcamp at Asoke (Benjakitti Park) will continue.

Remaining Group Training sessions

As our commitment to better results continues, we would love for you to experience the power of coaching and more focused training.

You have the following options if you have remaining sessions in your 8 or 20 pack if they fall within the validity / expiry dates.

Option 1:
Transfer any sessions to our Semi Private Training programs. This means full dedication of one coach to a maximum of 4 clients. This allows for detailed and supportive coaching, nutrition, online training while travelling and follow up outside of training times with our precision coaching system and greater focus on you during your scheduled session.

Option 2:
You can complete the remaining sessions of your package before September 27th.

All members have full access to Soi 16 location during the month of September. So you get full access to both locations on an unlimited basis if you have a current recurring unlimited gym membership.

Any remaining sessions with validity may be used transferred to Private Coaching, Semi Private Training at Asoke PT Studio or group classes at Soi 16.

Option 3:
Continue with the flexibility of 8 and 20 packages to be used at Soi 16.

Auto Recurring memberships

If you would like to to continue, we will honor recurring monthly payments for access to Soi 16. This will include 20 visits per month.

Alternatively, we want to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve the best results and permanent lifestyle, we want you to have the best pricing option to continue your training in the new focused SPT programs.

SPT means you get your dedicated coach and a maximum of 3 others during that time. If no other clients book that time slot, then luck you! You have a private training session on your own.

Payment plans for Private Coaching and Semi Private Programs continue as normal.

If you paid for your membership in advance?

We will honor any paid in advance memberships.
1. Continue to train at Soi 16
2. Transfer to private coaching
3. Transfer to Semi Program training
4. Request a refund.

Please contact one of our service team to discuss.

Open times for Aspire PT at Asoke

Aspire PT at Asoke is by appointment only, so you can choose the time that fits you and your schedule best.

Physiotherapy and Rehab Services

We are excited to announce that we are finalising our application as a registered Physiotherapy Clinic at Asoke.

Another key client-centric service that is so essential to client’s well-being, pain management and functional living.

You will be able to claim any rehabilitation, pain management or corrective therapy on your health insurance once approved by your provider.

Additional Questions?

Final Notes:

We are excited to focus on dedicated coaching, results and transform.

We look forward continuing to work with you and empower change, inspire greatness and help you become your Ultimate best.

Any other questions you can send to use in the form here:
Aspire Team.
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