WOMEN’S STRENGTH PROGRAMDesigned by Women for Women.

A program developed by our incredible female coaches specifically for women to build confidence, learn how to change their mindset and their body, eat strategically based on their own body, how to build a lifestyle of health for long term success.


  • The most important exercises for beautiful Glutes
  • The fundamental moves for a sexy back
  • Essential nutrition for a toned lean body
  • Exactly what intensity you need for maximal fat loss
  • Every myth you thought was true, holding you back
  • The number ONE factor you must know, that few trainers know themselves.

You will the learn all the facts we have learned over 20 years plus the latest research on nutrition, your DNA, and precisely what women need to transform. It’s not what you think.

Not all exercise is the same, and that’s probably why you haven’t been the getting the results you want, even though you have been working out and ‘eating healthy’ – It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and the nutrition MUST be strategic to give you the results you desire.

The most valuable and educational program you can learn apply and understand the most important aspects of results.


  • 6 Weeks of strategic programming for incredible results
  • Personalised coaching and mentoring at Aspire
  • Step by step blueprint for success
  • Fundamental nutrition guideline specifically for women
  • 9 strategies to get leaner within the first 14 days
  • Social support group of like-minded women
  • Our unique, proven goal setting and achievement system

We have cracked the code on women’s fat loss and fitness to achieve your dream body developed through science, social proof and hundreds of success stories.

Note: This initial 6 weeks is PHASE 1. Enough time to show you results in just 6 weeks and start of your journey. You will build a solid foundation which will allow you to move into PHASE 2 with confidence and the movement skill to level up.

The program is limited to ensure direction attention from the coaches. Because of this limited opportunity, you have been offered first priority to be included in the program. 

EVERYTHING in the Women’s Strength Program:

  1. 12 Training sessions ( 2x or 3x week)
  2. 6 Week Nutrition guidance
  3. Weekly coaching session
  4. Dedicated accountability Coach
  5. Daily habit checklists
  6. Nutrition tracking journal
  7. Private coaching support group
  8. Strategies Seminar
  9. Goal setting and results tracking
  10. Full open Gym Access

Total Value: 77,500 baht

Private Women’s Strength Training program price: 39,000 Baht.

We have something special for you. We really want you to take action, join with your friends, we have something for you.

If you take action within the next 7 days, you can get this entire program for just 29,900 Baht.

That’s nearly 70% off the full price.

Special ‘Action’ price for the first 5:

Just 29,900 Baht

That’s an unbeatable price for 6 weeks of guided, coaching, mentoring and training.

6 Week Women’s Strength Program

Private: 39,900 Baht

Special price for the first 5 action takers, Just 29,900 Baht


Just 19,900 baht when you join with a friend (train together)

Just add your details below and we will be in touch to help you get started.Note: Prices subject to 7% vat


As the pioneer and leaders in results based coaching and delivering the highest international standard of education, training and lifestyle change, if you are compliant, do your homework, follow the plan and track your progress you will absolutely see and feel results. If for some reason you don’t you are backed by our guarantee. Or we can keep working with you till we do see some results. That’s our promise to you.

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