Both Yoga and Pilates have proven their physical and mental benefits to the human body and mind. Both Yoga and Pilates can be a fantastic way to balance your training program.

At Fitcorp Asia, we encourage a totally integrated approach to health and performance. While no single form of exercise can be the sole secret to your success, a combination of movement options will help keep your training diverse, balanced and enjoyable.

Although many myths and misconceptions continue to exist today, you can be guaranteed to receive the most effective program you need to achieve your health and fitness objectives.

Yoga and Pilates are both an effective means for active recovery on your days inbetween your strength training sessions. Focusing on core strength, flexibility and mind body awareness, Fitcorp Asia’s Yoga and Pilates programs have been developed to compliement your conditioning program.

Choose from private, semi private and small group classes for all your Yoga and Pilates needs in Bangkok.

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