Aspire Philosophy

Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and priority.

At Aspire we place a major emphasis on the educational components of training using training methods functional to each individuals needs and abilities using science, systems and innovation giving you an experience and RESULTS with your expert trainer, not just a training session. Aspire is a community of inspiring clients to motivate each other, breathing passion for the field that shows in fun and play to allow our members, athletes and friends to achieve greatness and success in all areas of their life.

Aspire has developed a unique multifaceted system that achieves results, that build health lifestyle habits in a fun and motivating environment.

The team at Aspire is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential and provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level.

The team has a strong background in exercise science, kinesiology and nutrition, backed by an advisory board of medical professionals including National team physiotherapists and Doctors who specialize in weight loss and endocrinology. Nothing else compares to the team in the industry.

At Aspire we help you to focus on:

Our History


Fitcorp opens Thailand First Personal Training Studio


Launch Asia’s first Corporate Wellness Company


Launch Thailand’s First Outdoor Bootcamp


Launch Asia’s First TPI Golf Performance Center


Expand and open bigger PT Studio


Launch Thailand’s first Small Group Training concept - SGT


Launch Lifestyle health Retreats (LHR) Across 8 countries


Open additional Studios in Nichada Thani


Open ASPIRE at Asoke BTS


Launch Bangkok’s First CrossFit Affiliate


Launch Regional Corporate Wellness Programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul


Launch Regional Corporate Wellness Programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul


Integrated Genetic Testing for Precision Medicine Integration


Launch ASPATA Fitness Certifications across 5 countries


Expand services to Executive Leadership[ & Team Performance


Open Aspire Private Coaching at Soi 23


Open Aspire Physio & Rehabilitation Soi 23

We have the experience

Working is just one piece of the puzzle. Over our 20 years of experience in the health industry we have developed the systems, motivation and tracking to help get clients achieve better results than anyone else. Results are not a random surprise. They are systematically achieve through a proven method of success.

In the big picture, Aspire is the industry leader in results. The hectic busy, social and travelling lifestyles of the majority of our clients, means consistency and accountability is one of the biggest challenges they face. This is where Aspire plays a much larger role in our clients’ lives. Ensuring the we serve and support beyond the training sessions is key to client results, 

And that is the Aspire Philosophy.

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Complimentary Results Consultation and Trial Session

At Aspire, passion is what drives us. We believe in movement, education and results, challenging barriers with experiences that lead to excellence. The question is…

Do You Believe In What We Believe?

Aspire is the leading provider of fitness education, personal training, and lifestyle enhancement services in Bangkok. Proven systems, genetics and science-based optimisation.

Pioneering and leading the industry since 2002, Aspire offers the only guaranteed results based lifestyle and personal training system in Bangkok. Results are more than just ‘workouts’. Structured success system of goal setting, tracking, program design and strategy nutrition based on your individual needs, through science to achieve early results and your permanent, active lifestyle with confidence, knowledge and success.

We are proud of industry-leading client retention and results-based methods to ensure total client satisfaction. A unique and client-centric approach to service in a private, exclusive and inspiring environment. Our medical advisory of genetic specialists, endocrinologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists ensure a total lifestyle and science-oriented training to enhance lives, improve performance and achieve incredible results.

We cater to those who expect only the highest levels of professionalism and service. Our clients appreciate the expert health care, where privacy is assured, in our private 1:1 training studio, dedicated only to our private training clients.

To lose weight, have more energy, maintain better lifestyle balance, be healthier and to get stronger are all examples of concrete and tangible objectives that people want to achieve over the short term, often called “goals”.

The Real Question Is, Why Do You Want To Achieve These Goals?

Whether the answer to that is to improve performance in a sport, to look better and feel better or get more energy in your life – that is where you would like to be and it’s what drives the deepest motivation to physical activity – it’s your aspiration! By leveraging aspirations we can help more people live an active, physical lifestyle for longer.

In Fact, For Life!

What’s your aspiration? WHY is the most important question you need to answer. Why do you want to achieve your goals, how will it make you feel? What will it allow you to do? To become? To achieve?

Our reputation is based on our strive and goal achievement. We have created a range of services and programs to suit different goals, and budgets.

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