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At Aspire, passion and client results is what drives us. We believe in movement, mind mastery, education and science. Challenging the 'status quo' with questions and experiences that lead to excellence. The question is…

Do You Believe In What We Believe?

Aspire is the leading provider of fitness education, personal training, and lifestyle enhancement services in Bangkok. Proven systems, genetics and science-based optimisation.

Pioneering and leading the industry since 2002, Aspire offers the only guaranteed results-based lifestyle and personal training system in Bangkok. Results are more than just ‘workouts’. 

Our structured success system includes goal setting, tracking, program design, and strategic nutrition based on your individual needs, using science to achieve early results and establish a permanent, active lifestyle with confidence, knowledge, and success.

We are proud of industry-leading client retention and results-based methods to ensure total client satisfaction. A unique and client-centric approach to service in a private, exclusive, and inspiring environment. Our medical advisory team of genetic specialists, endocrinologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists ensures a total lifestyle and science-oriented training to enhance lives, improve performance, and achieve incredible results.

We cater to those who expect only the highest levels of professionalism and service. Our clients appreciate the expert health care, where privacy is assured, in our private one-on-one training studio, dedicated only to our private training clients.

To lose weight, have more energy, maintain better lifestyle balance, be healthier and to get stronger are all examples of concrete and tangible objectives that people want to achieve over the short term, often called “goals”.

The Real Question Is, Why Do You Want To Achieve These Goals?

It’s essential to know your reasons WHY.

Longevity, actively engaging, and being around for your kids, mental health and well-being, confidence, work output and productivity, improving performance in a sport, looking better and feeling better, or getting more energy in your life – that is where you would like to be, and it’s what drives the deepest motivation to physical activity – it’s your aspiration!

By leveraging aspirations, you have a clear purpose and reason. Without it, you will always be chasing the wind.

In addition, knowing what life will be like if you continue on the same path and don’t take action can sometimes be a greater motivator.

In Fact, For Life!

What’s your aspiration? WHY is the most important question you need to answer. Why do you want to achieve your goals, how will it make you feel? What will it allow you to do? To become? To achieve?

Our reputation is based on our strive and goal achievement. We have created a range of services and programs to suit different goals, and budgets.

You can see some of our success stories for yourself.

Private Personal Coaching

Private Coaching and 1:1 training is what our reputation is built on. Totally customised to YOU.

Based on your needs, goals, challenges and outcomes. Our clients come to us looking for solutions, to achieve incredible results, transforming their life. Majority of our clients are busy traveling professionals, and those committed to excellence and achieving tangible results.

Our systems and programs work. Based on science, proven results and positive process lead education for the private client looking for an exclusive, private training experience.

Semi-private Personal Training

Aspire provides a semi-private personal training programme that offers clients support, expertise, and accountability at an affordable cost. 

This option is ideal for those who want more accountability within a group. The programme begins with a personalised session with a coach to create a customised programme and complete baseline assessments. The client will also receive guidance on nutrition strategies to get started. Each session is monitored by a senior coach who facilitates each client’s progress during the session. 

Clients will follow their own personalised programme and receive consistent feedback, corrections, support, and motivation while working independently and efficiently. Clients can choose from 2 or 3 sessions per week, and the program starts at just Baht 12,600 Baht per month (excluding VAT). 

As the allocated peak times for the programme are often fully booked, clients can contact Aspire directly to join the waiting list.

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Best Nutrition Coaching Bangkok

Nutrition Coaching

Aspire offers the systemised nutrition coaching system to optimise your health, and help you achieve more results in less time.

The majority of our clients are looking for enhanced vitality, energy, lifestyle balance, and, of course, to feel amazing and have incredible confidence by getting a little leaner. We also work with more serious lifestyle change clients and offer a specific weight loss program for those looking to revamp their lives.

To promote sustainable nutrition behaviours, we place a greater focus on awareness of triggers and the decision-making process around nutrition. We also emphasize planning to ensure long-term behavioural changes and education about the complexity of nutrition.

Golf Fitness

Thailand’s first and only Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Experts are here to help you play better, pain-free golf, regardless of your age or current abilities.

It’s not uncommon for golfers to increase their drive by 50-70 yards, and we have the testimonials to prove it. The key is to rewire your nervous system, sequencing, and force production.

We achieve this through high-level techniques that also reduce pain, improve mobility and range of motion, without requiring hours in the gym or lifting heavy weights.

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Youth Fitness

Youth Performance Institute (YPI) is dedicated to the quest of enriching young lives through fitness and sport performance training by educating and functioning as a resource for youth coaches and physical education (PE) teachers in the development of motor skills and how to implement concepts that provide an environment that stimulates children and young athletes in every aspect of sport and fitness.

Aspire offers dedicated youth fitness trainers for long-term results.

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