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Pioneering The Industry Since 2002 Guaranteed Results Through Proven Systems

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Personal training in Bangkok has evolved. Aspire has pioneered the industry with result-based personal training and sustainable lifetyle coaching since 2002. Regardless of the goal, the process is the same. Data. Whether its to lose weight, improve general fitness, strength or manage your pain or recover from injuries, our team of professionals will help you navigate the process to results.

Our personal training systems are based on proven methods to overcome your biggest challenges and establishing new empowering behaviours. No guessing, TEST AND ASSESS.

Your Personal Trainers will coach you to higher levels of performance. To implement proven strategies beyond just training and nutrition, including mindset, sleep and stress to achieve success in all areas of life, and create the ultimate you.

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The Exact Blueprint our Personal Training Clients Use to Achieve Results.

5 Key Pillars to Sustainable success


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Your personal training journey starts here. We are all unique. You need unique solutions and programmes based on your lifestyle, preferences and challenges, most importantly, your specific goals you want to achieve in life. It may be stress, stubborn fat, hormones, nutrition, pain management or longevity – or just motivation to build consistency. Find out what you really need and start strategically based on YOU.

Science Based, Life Changing Results.

Personal training evolves to coaching.

The science of results go far beyond just training and nutrition. Although both important, the Aspire methodology takes you through pillars of neuroscience-based strategies to optimise stress, sleep, habits, mindset, weight loss, and energy management that are simple, sustainable and incredibly effective.

Leading the industry with DNA Genetic Testing & Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Management

At Aspire, we have offer more than just Personal Trainers. We created world leading systems of health science and precision medicine, bridging the gap between the health, fitness, and the medical industry.

Individualised programmes based on your own genetic blueprint and stress levels to ensure a completely customised approach to your lifestyle, metabolism, energy, sleep, habits and results. Designed for every client to have access to all the tools and strategies needed to achieve outstanding life changing results.

Achieving Results is a Science. We’ve simplified the complexity of precision wellness and invested thousands of hours to identify the Minimum Effective Dose (MED), so you don’t have to.

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What makes Aspire unique

Holistic personal training with integrated coaching. Our science-based approach to genetic wellness and physiological backed results. Lifestyle management, coaching, physiotherapy and longevity.

Pioneering The Industry Since 2002 Guaranteed Results Through Proven Systems

Plan and Track science-based results

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A world-class team of professionals to educate and support you on your journey. 

Just like leadership teams and elite athletes, when you commit to your future self with Aspire, you have not just a trainer, you also have a dedicated  coaching team of health and performance coaches for nutrition, strategy, energy management and mindset.

With more than 20 years of experience in the global industry, Aspire is a refreshing change to the fitness landscape that takes personalised training and coaching to new standards, unseen anywhere else.

Your success is our guarantee.

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Our Proprietary systems and the 5 Pillars Approach


The keystone of success for any goal comes down to the strategic plan based on your needs, science and the minimum amount of work, time and effort.



Proven lifestyle and mindset systems to master behaviours and rock solid routines, regardless of challenges. Bridging the gap between health, performance and precision medicine.


Training is your anchor for consistency and knowledge transfer. Your results come from what you are empowered to do when you're not with us.


Nutrition is Fuel. We teach you have to build nutrition systems for energy with balance so you don't need to diet or sacrifice the foods you enjoy.

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Another key of aspire is our ability to connect and leverage business relationships. A keystone difference and reflection of quality assurance.

The key common elements is their dedication to self development, anchoring health, energy and commitment to corporate and personal success.

Our client are driven professionals looking to overcome stress, business and life. Across top industries including finance, investment banking, hospitality, logistics, automotive, education and healthcare.

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Guaranteed Results

Book A Free Strategy Session

Access The Free Strategy Session Our Clients Use to Achieve 100% Success With Their Goals.
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Guaranteed Results

Access The Free Strategy Session Our Clients Use to Achieve 100% Success With Their Goals.