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ASPIRE Is The Only Certified Specialists In Youth Fitness And Development. Our Youth Movement And Fitness Development Programs Are Designed To Increase Confidence, Improve Social, Physical And Mental Development And Skills For Those Less Athletic And For Elite Athletic Performance.

Our Goal

Is to help young people be active and have a positive connection with being more physically active, fitter and healthier.

Making fitness fun. Experiencing a positive link between physical activity, academic learning and positive self esteem.

Pioneering and leading the industry since 2002, Aspire offers the only guaranteed results based lifestyle and structured programs for successful achievement of your goals.

Our Mission

To develop healthy, active and confident youth.
To help young people have a positive connection with being more physically active, fitter and healthier.

Making physical activity fun, and a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Would you like your children to be more active and have a positive experience with a healthy lifestyle?

Movement Skills, Mindfulness, And Using All The Senses

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It's not always about making athletically gifted youth be better.

It's about helping youth build confidence, incorporate more physical activity into their life and develop a positive connection with fitness. The majority of school based programs are built to focus only those who are athletically gifted. Or in other words, are not designed to create positive experiences for those less athletic.

They are then more likely to not just have a negative connection with fitness and sport, but have lower self esteem, 'different' interaction and peer building skills, which can affect their studies, and the relationship with physical activity as adults.

We Are Here To Change That

Youth Fitness Bangkok

Youth Fit After School:

Aspire’s team of coaches work with youth in various ways. Many choose to work with a coach privately, where they can develop their confidence and build a healthy lifestyle in the supportive and private coaching environment.

Just like an academic tutor, private coaching help individualize needs while accelerating results, confidence, movement skills and engagement.

We love to see our youth transform their confidence. Some need a healthier weight, better health and nutrition education. Some want to improve their athletic performance.

What’s most rewarding, is to to see less active kids build strength in character, abilities and self esteem.

Youth Fit School Holiday Programs:

ASPIRE is dedicated to the quest of enriching young lives through health and fitness.

School holiday Youth Fit programs focus on education, fun, engagement in a safe and progressive environment.

Each day (2 hours per day) we cover motor skill development, nutrition, mobility (flexibility/yoga and calming mindfulness practices) concepts that provides an environment that stimulate children and young athletes in every aspect of health.

An integrated approach to health, wellness and long term health.

Youth Fitness for Life

Working with Youth is an art and science. Understanding how to help young bodies evolve and respond goes beyond movement.  Fun, engaging and neural stimulation help youth improve their reaction skills, change of direction and responsiveness combined with mental thought and decision making connect the dots to youth development.

The magic is in how we use ‘all the senses‘ colors, objects, math questions, problem solving scenarios, directional cuing called ‘sensory acuity’ to build brain-body connections and mental engagement.

Kids love the challenges and how we incorporate fitness games that are inclusive for different age groups and levels of movement ability. 

As international accredited youth fitness specialists, we also certify teachers and trainers to become certified youth fitness specialists, so they can share with their students and their schools. Through our experience, we have seen the children we work with:

– Develop a positive relationship with physical activity
– Increase their confidence and self esteem
– Improve learning ability and cognitive performance.
– Build strong, confident and healthy bodies.
– Encourage better nutrition choices.

Youth Fit After School

All Aspire Youth Fitness Programs incorporate a unique approach to develop movement skills, coordination, balance and mid-body connection that directly link to learning, academic performance, concentration, learning, memory, emotional well-being and self esteem. Active youth are also:

– More calm and productive
– More active as adults
– Builder stronger social circles
– More focused with academic learning.
– Happier, sleep better and balanced.

Youth Fit Holiday Programs

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