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Since 2003, Aspire has been leading the industry with personalized fitness, weight loss and nutrition coaching for incredible results and transforming lives.


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Colin Machin

From the first time I walked into Aspire I knew immediately that this was where I could get the guidance, education and support to help me achieve my lifestyle goals.

The entire team instantly made me feel at home and at ease. The trainer who had been allocated to me, Jun, was sitting waiting in reception as I arrived which went a long way to breaking the ice as I commenced my PT sessions.

In the short 6 weeks I’ve been with Aspire I’ve seen very positive weight loss results which have changed my mindset on how I attack each day with more energy and positivity, the training sessions are fun and there is a good spirit of camaraderie and community throughout the gym both from the coaches and the other members.

In addition some very good nutritional advice has added to the overall positive results we’ve achieved in such a short time frame. I’ve lost 24kgs so far :)

Aspire is one of the few that actually do what they say! They commit to you to make it happen!

UPDATE: I’ve now lost 45kgs and can’t be more thankful to the incredible team at Aspire who truly know how to transform lives.

personal fitness trainers thailand

Niels ‘Steel’man

A HUGE leap of faith but guided like they’ve promised they would. A MASSIVE step I needed to take to get back on a human track. A team that has not failed me for one single millisecond.

No words can describe the team, the people, the atmosphere and the support from Aspire Club. 4 Months later, 24 kilos lighter (losing fat / gaining muscle), sleeping better, feeling better, eating better and having found a new ‘Lifestyle’, I am ACTUALLY rewarded for my transformation by the people who only wanted the best…

No words to describe the passion, care, and torture CHaii YAi and Jon Bone have given me to get where I am now. They are truly masters in their art of pushing me to levels I never expected to reach. And I am not stopping…

In the back office, Nutchanard Ramarsa and Dan Remon were there for that pat on the back, giving me the push, and upholding their side of the promises (and exceeding them) from day 1.

The ride will go on…

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Jason M.

I have been enjoying the training so far at Aspire. Everything is very convenient for me to just show up and the coach, Chaii, has a full workout ready to go that caters to my needs. I have had some injuries I’m dealing with and the coach does a nice job of communicating with me and the physiotherapist to make sure I get a good training session in and correct any issues.

Personal training sessions have made me more efficient with my time working out, which allows me to spend my time more effectively. Also,  physically, I feel stronger with more energy during the day and I can’t wait to see more results coming.


personal fitness trainers thailand

Yvonne Corish

When I found out I was pregnant, I was keen to keep exercising to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Unfortunately the first few months of my pregnancy were really tough and I was unable to do anything.

Then I started training with Pim. She really helped me to get back into a regular routine.
It’s not an easy task to stay motivated and to push yourself to exercise whilst being pregnant, however Pim has been and continues to be of great support and encouragement.

Pim can tell whether I need to take it slow or if I’m up for a challenge, she adapts my workouts depending on how I’m feeling. Having two children of her own, Pim really understands what the body goes through during pregnancy and what kind of exercises are required to stay strong and feel good! ????? From Yvonne.

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Iñaki P.


I joined Aspire personal training program after more than two years struggling with a knee injury and not being able to exercise. I have made significant progress since: I am finally pain free, and I have increased stability, mobility, and strength. Big shout-out to my coach, Jun, who has guided me along the way. He is very knowledgeable professional and he always makes the sessions fun, challenging and safe.

We are also working on my core, upper body and overall conditioning, so I’m now leaner and stronger. I recently managed to join group classes which for me is a great achievement looking back at the limitations that I had when I started! Thank you Aspire and thank you coach Jun!

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Coco Bergman

Coco has been working out with Aspire club since 2017. The reason why she decided to try personal training was lower back pain and losing fat also .We focused on foundation movements especially spine mobility & Strengthening Core muscles .After one month her lower back pain got better so she was able to do everything more efficiently than before. I planed for her 2-4 months program to build up strength and high intensity with the range of equipment that made her feel energized . She really enjoys the workout program & result . She lost 5.42% of her body fat (4kg) and decrease body weight from 61kg to 57.8kg in 5 months. Even Though she traveled every month . I gave her a thorough home workout plan . She was very disciplined and motivated to get fit & toned . Last month She traveled to Austria to go skiing . She had never been able to ski without falling before but for thus year she was able to ski and have fun with it.

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Rattana N.

Thanks to Pim, after having difficulty losing my postpartum weight I was able to lose 2.6 Kgs within my first 3 weeks and my cellulite even started to disappear! I never thought that was possible! Pim has really pushed my limits. I am really enjoy my sessions and started to feel better and more confident as well. Since I started I continued to lose more body fat, get leaner, stronger, more confident. I am Aspire!

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It started from Nov 2017, my weight increased up from 50 to 57. I wanted to reduce my weight so I tried to control the nutrition and exercise more by weight training and cardio at least 2 hrs a day, 4-5 times a week. But I didn’t see any result. My body did not change much and I didnt lose any weight at all.

Then I decided to join Aspire. After trial I feel the program of group exercise is different and more effective from previously I did in other gyms. Group exercises have a lot of fun and the other members are an incredible inspiration.
The friendly coaches of every group’s exercises, they do well for their homework.
Every single workout, I can feel that coach has designed by focusing on result after workout.
It guarantee that the members will get the effectively results. They also coach on nutrition, which is really the difference that made my results come fast and easy. Without having to be strict. I didn’t have to cut out carbs or restrict any choice of food. Quite amazing really.

I’ve lost 4kgs so far, more in 6 weeks than I did in 6 months on my own. My body still improves much more than ever, even though I spent time less time in the gym, and get better results.

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Nick Wattanavekin

With a 2 week trekking trip coming up this year I decided to make it an excuse to embark on a fitness program to offset a usually unhealthy lifestyle. Having failed to keep up multiple phases of self-training over the years due to eventually dying out on “endless” repetitive grinds and more importantly lack of results I decided to train with Coach Pim at Aspire. To my surprise I began to see results immediately. Through a thorough understanding of how the body works and my weaknesses/limitations, Coach Pim was crucial in developing a tailored training plan and workout sessions which are both challenging and a lot of fun. Despite making my work day slightly harder due to the tiredness, I look forward to the satisfaction after each of the morning sessions and the future results to come!

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Pik Orawan

I have been my personal trainer for 2 months. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and pleasure to
train with. She knows exactly when to encourage and when to push. Having work with many trainer. She is one of the best! I’ve lost weight, feel stronger and a lot more energy. My job involves lots of meetings and entertaining clients, so when I’m good, I achieve instantly. When I’m bad, I maintain. Aspire gives me the accountability and they follow up with me when I’m not training to keep me on track.

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Pu Wiyada

After 10 years without proper exercise, my 2018 resolutions is a healthier me. I started a training with Coach Pim in mid Feb and to date, I have made a great progress – 5% of my body fat and 10 cms of my waistline gone. It’s amazing how she has turned me from a “no gym, thank you” to a person who enjoys working out. She is attentive to what I need, knows my limit and how she can push me to do better with motivation. You rock Coach Pim!!

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Keng Apinyapats

I reached a point where I had never gained so much weight in my life, my friends started to question if I was pregnant. To make things worse, I stopped being able to fit in my clothes including my favourite pair of jeans.

Going to the gym was something I would never do before, but I’d decided to stop by at the Aspire. I went there hoping this place would be different and I was quite surprised from the first moment.

I have to thank my trainer Tommy, since day one he pushed me to do better every session, he makes it simple & fun, especially when my fitness level was “0”. I felt the little changes after just my 3rd session, my body changes, feeling stronger, fresh and active, I sleep much much better and the most important thing is I can now fit back into all my cloths about, including my favourite pair of jeans. All this in less than 6 weeks

One of the most amazing moment was when my friends stopped questioning me if I was pregnant but instead asking what I have been doing to look so fit and healthier.

The TRANSFORM in 6 program went beyond my expectations, it changed my lifestyle, my eating, my habits and gives me positive vibes

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Sandy Loup

“I have been training at Aspire for a couple of years now. I’ve been working through a back injury and love the fact that all the coaches make my training safe, corrective and interesting. They are super flexible with my schedule, and I enjoy every session. It’s been a challenge to get back to full health. I started to listen more to my body, and the help of my coach at Aspire started to train smart and work with my limitations and set new goals. With Jamal, we started to focus back on strength with new patience and optimism. My determination has never been higher and Jamal is a huge support to help balance what I can do, and what I shouldn’t do. He helps me progress every week without risk and now I’m making a full comeback, hitting new records with my deadlift and overhead presses, feeling 10 years younger and stronger than ever!”

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Michiel Bartels

Everyday at 9am or 12:30pm Michiel Bartels was here with a smile. Ready to workout hard and push his limits he made huge improvements in his physique and cardio endurance.

“I’ve never felt stronger and my arms have never been bigger!”


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Emily Rugg

My target was purely to beat my last time of 2:27, and I am super proud (and shocked) to say I just finished my 2nd ever half marathon in 2:01:48. I know Aspire (and Yen Ju in particular) that forced me to do this! The whole way round when I so desperately wanted to walk, I kept thinking about how I couldn’t go back to Aspire having failed (Dan Remon is completely right about accountability, that’s what kept me going and made me do far far better than I could ever expected!) Thank you to everyone at the gym for constantly keeping me motivated…

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Amran Ma

“Great crew, crowd, and atmosphere. Here you get to experience a range of emotions from fearful anticipation, to regret, to surprise, to joy. If you want results, this is the place to be” – Amran Ma.

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Jenn Merino

I wanted to make a big change in my life, I was feeling drained from everyday activities and could not focus.. so it was either now or never, I went ahead and started with the 21 days challenge and totally changed me! No regrets whatsoever.

I love my training at Aspire! This is the first time I think I have ever committed going every day to the gym and enjoy and understand myself in the process. It’s an addicting feeling.

I see this is more than just exercise and losing weight, I see a whole transformation in attitude and lifestyle. I have become a lot more aware of what I can do in everyday life, from work to extracurricular activities. Mentally, it has made me a more happy person with the need to develop and also a bit more competitive.

My favorite thing about Aspire, think there are a few I can say; the convenient location, the motivation from the trainers and of course the new community of friends I developed through out my time at Aspire. When people choose to make healthy choices and help one another doing so, it creates special bonds.

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Kanlaya Mathyakom

I have been training with Junio from 1 June – 31 August 2017. Although I do not lose weight I felt huge improvement in my Tennis as the training helped me to strengthen muscle as well as general well being. It’s usually difficult for me to make time, but training with Junio is a lot of fun so I tried to stick with it. I would highly recommend Junio to anyone who look to improve their fitness and lifestyle.

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Pichate Viprakasit

“My training at Aspire has been really amazing. Facility is great and atmosphere is super pleasant. My coach, Jun, is very knowledgeable and professional. He pushes me hard in every sessions which make my workouts highly effective and fun. Training at Aspire has taken my fitness to the next level. My strength, endurance and capacity has tremendously improved. Most importantly, I feel much healthier mentally and emotionally. ” By Pichate Viprakasit

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Duangsuda Dilokthanapon

I am in my late 30s – a full time working mom with two small children. Working out and health was regrettable never a priority previously. I was working a trainer for 6 months in another gym with no result, so I started looking for professionals who could really help me get those results I was looking for. Daniel assigned Saree as my coach, and within the first 4 weeks I could feel the ‘New Me’ – more energetic body and unbelievable ‘top of the World’ after each session. Flexibility in scheduling and expertise with nutrition and efficient training really made the difference.

The results after just 12 sessions are over my expectations due to the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! If you’re looking for results to change your life, the Aspire is where you need to be. Special thanks to Saree, and looking forward to future results :)

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Kamonkan Budhwongsopha

Since I have worked as an office worker, I had no concern about my health at all. I ate fries, drank sweet beverages, had sleepless nights and running to catch the bus was form of exercise.

I didn’t realize how much weight I’d gained until I couldn’t ware my favorite jeans, plus I had got an office syndrome as well.

I joined Aspire in middle May 2017 that came with a membership. I’ve been getting lots of attention and recommendations from many professional instructors and joined classes with friendly people.

Recently, I’ve changed my unhealthy lifestyle by changing my eating habits, going to exercise at least five time a week and sleeping well. Almost five months in, I had dropped

– 4 kilograms (from 56 to 52 kg)
– 5.14 body fat percentage (from 28.17 to 23.03%)
– 3.69 kilograms of Body Fat (from 15.77 to 12.08 kg)
+0.89 Kilograms of Lean Body Weight (from 40.23 to 41.12 kg)

I feel stronger, healthier and happier than before.

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Jonathan Paul Snow

I was invited by Dan to visit a few years ago – I joined a 30 day challenge and then subsequently lost around 22 kg – this was the first gym in over ten years that allowed me to achieve results

I like training at Aspire because it is small and more personal – the trainers do not sit and look at their cell phones all the time – they are truly invested in helping you to reach set goals no matter how small or big these are. My fitness has improved vastly – my strength especially as I have been combining cardio with lifting for the past twelve months

Aspire stands out from all other places because of its great location – simple ambiance – friendly staff and consistently great trainers

Having hit a sticking point presently it is great that Aspire has reached out to ask how they can assist – this is a favorite point about Aspire – at large gyms you are just mostly a number among thousands and if you go or do not go no one notices – at Aspire if you are missing for a few days many people both staff and members will ask if you are OK – really its not just a gym – It’s a Family .

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Javier T.

In the beginning what brought me to Aspire it was the location of the gym, as this is between my office and my house so i have no excuse not to drop by there every afternoon after work. In the beginning i was only doing PT sessions, but during last months I’ve been doing group classes that I find pretty fun and an excellent way to socialize and to meet new people.

I like training at Aspire because the way the classes are organized makes them feeling different every session. Also i like doing my classes with Jun, he’s a great PT that always tries to get the best of me when training and not allowing me to quit or to stop.

In my opinion the trick is to encourage people to keep training and attending classes and this can only be obtained if you have fun during every sessions and you feel the workouts as a hobby more than an obligation.

I think the general atmosphere in the gym. Everyone is open to talk to each other. We’re people from many different nationalities, including a quite big group of Thais but we’re all in the same vibe. What i find different from other gyms I’ve gone in the past (in Spain and here in Thailand too during my first year) is that i don’t go training alone, we’re a group all having a good time together.

It has been quite a big change for me. Because of my work at the office I send many hours seated and i felt the need to start doing some physical activity. I have to admit that I’m a bit lazy while training on my own and I’m easy to find an excuse not go to the gym. After few months of training (PT in the beginning) i started feeling more active, in a better mood and i could sleep better (i usually take last daily sessions). My goal is not to have a six pack (there is still a long way to get it), my goal is to feel good with myself from a health point of view and despite there is still some room to improve, I feel happy with my progress.

I don’t want to be repetitive, but my favourite thing about training at Aspire is the athmosphere at the gym. Feeling every class as new, never knowing how hard (challenging) this is going to be in my opinion makes me more in the mood to go to a new session.

Also i like all the social activities organized from time to time as this makes easier to meet new people which is always nice, at least for “farangs” like me.

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Neil Singh

I signed up to Aspire mostly because of the roof-top gym I had seen from the BTS. It looked like it would be fun to workout in the open-air and with the BTS and Skyscrapers all around.

I was right. I started with Urban Warrior and enjoyed throwing, hammering, swinging, carrying, jumping and lunging all in a single session and all with the blue sky above.

The fact that the movements are varied and functional is what keeps me interested. I would quickly get bored of overly repetitive or abstract movements. Previous to joining Aspire, my main exercise was running in Benjakitti but it was hard to stay motivated, especially when my performance plateaued.

Recently I have been joining CrossFit classes. A year ago I had never heard of CrossFit and now I have an OK-ish handle on the main movements and track my Personal Bests.

I am thankful that in the SGT classes, as long as the class size is not too big, I get to workout and learn in a group while still getting personal feedback from the coaches; I might not always look like I am listening when drenched in sweat, but I do listen and try to adjust.

I joined for the roof-top and enjoy the SGT classes, but the main reason I continue is thanks to everyone making me feel welcome, the motivation and feedback from the coaches and the fact I feel I continue to make gains.

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Na Laauthida

After a few weeks back ,the results have been tremendous more than I expected. My body weight dropped 2 kg, I lost almost 2% body fat percentage, and most importantly for me, I feel healthier and active again.

I have been in other gyms , and the difference at Aspire is that they know how to push beyond your limits without exceed on the workout.

In other gym they pushed me that hard that I finally I gave up as I didn’t find those workouts matched with my fitness level at that moment.

Aspire really focus individually with needs, my goals that I want to achieve and most importantly to my fitness level.

I’m impressed what I achieved in a really short amount of time.

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Kim Cofino

“Ten is more than just a trainer. He’s a coach. He listens to your goals and then considers all aspects of your nutrition, lifestyle and health to help you meet those goals – both during your training sessions with him and beyond.

What I appreciate most about working with Ten is that he does much more than tell me what to do during a single session. He looks at my long term goals, helps me prioritize and make the best choices to reach those goals both during my training sessions and beyond. He is open to feedback and new ideas and does an excellent job of incorporating new learning to help me meet my goals. His wide range of knowledge and strategies have helped me improve on all aspects of my strength and conditioning.

Working with Ten has helped me improve my form in all exercises, better understand my mobility restrictions and how to improve them, and most importantly (to me) increase my strength and skill in my sport, powerlifting. I’m addition to writing personalized programming that has made me significantly stronger (and a much safer lifter, using correct form with control), I especially appreciate that he never gave up on my goal to do pull-ups and helped me move from assisted pull-ups (with a band) to weighted pull-ups in less than a year.

Working with Ten means you get much more than just a selection of exercises for each training session. You get a coach who listens, adjusts, prioritizes and takes the time to learn how to help you improve on your goals. ” Kim

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Mint Chalita

Been training here for a little over a year and very enjoy it. Aspire is such a nice and clean gym in a convenient location- in the city center and by BTS. It also has such a great community. Staff, trainers and people there are very friendly and attentive. Good workout place for CrossFit, group classes and personal training.

personal trainer bangkok

Stella-Mari P.

Today was a big day for me, for the first time ever I actually wanted to look at the numbers on the scale!

The first time I met Dan, I knew I needed him in my life. I lacked the motivation to workout and I didn’t have self-control when it came to making food choices. I felt disappointed with myself every day, because of the way my body looked and I knew I had no one else to blame but myself. My self-confidence was pretty much non-existent.

The day right after I met Dan and we had our consultation, I started training with him. He motivates me even on the days I’m not training and following up on my nutrition.

Dan shows me my daily progress and I realized that I’m getting stronger and better with every session!! It’s so motivating and for the first time in a very long time, I feel proud of myself.

Training with Dan has been an amazing experience so far. , I seriously would not have been able to do this. His support and advice has made such a huge difference in my life so far.

I started on 72.8kg and today I weighed 68kg omg!!

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Training with Chai has helped me to achieve some impressive results in just a few months. We try to do 3 sessions a week, despite my busy work-travel schedule. Chai is always flexible in finding times that fit.

Based on my own goals, Chai has set me targets that are challenging but not unreasonable, and always tries to make each session interesting. He has a very thorough understanding of the body, how the muscles and the skeleton interact, and this helps to overcome the many aches and niggles that are inevitable at my age! He has also offered very helpful dietary advice which has been very useful in helping me to lose weight.

The Aspire Club is also a great venue for working out – it is professional but open and friendly – you quickly feel part of the “team” at Aspire. The facilities offer all you need. And it’s in a very convenient location.

Phase 2.

Tim Boyle. He is my frist client since i came back here. His job is unpredictable always travel on/off, but if he’s in bkk he will on beast mode and come to Aspire for the hard training session. We been working together form March till now, He Start form 81kg BW, Now 70kg BW, Lost 11kg in 5months, Can go back running(he got ankle injury) and getting stronger.

” l never reach 70kg body weight more than 15years ” that what he said, Overall He is very happy now, and just brought another PT50, We looking forward to work more in other fitness goal and try our best to be better.

personal trainer bangkok

Saraporn B.

Saraporn is one of the most consistent and hard working clients at Aspire working with coach Ten. With personal training 4-5 times/week, it keeps her energy level high throughout the day and makes her feel confident about herself and her ability to perform that she can do it. Upper body strength is one of the main focuses in her training program. She has been pushing hard with isometric and eccentric training. No doubt that her performance is getting better and better every day.

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As a competitive triathlete for many years, my training as same old school, with no improvement. By chance, I was referred to Daniel and immediately I noticed a smart, efficient system for training with immediate results. In 4 weeks I lost 5kgs, 3% bodyfat and totally transformed my body shape without over training, in fact, I’m now training half as much. I am much stronger, leaner and feel 10 years younger. He helps build my confidence, attitude and belief. I recommend 200%”

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 Siri Thamwiset

“My journey at Aspire started in September 2016 with 12 sessions of personal training. I have Hyper Thyroid and I never thought that working out could help my condition. But after I joined group training, I try to go 3 times/week, I’m very happy with the results. I feel stronger, my thyroid doesn’t bother me anymore. Thanks Aspire team! You’re such a good gym and lovely people.”

personal trainer bangkok

Erwaan Mahe

“As an endurance cyclist, it was time to change my body. Always lean, but skinny, I wanted to build and get strong. I worked with Dan for 8 weeks, and added 8kgs of muscle while still maintaining my body fat. We focused hard on my form, nutrition for the best results. And I’ve never been in such great shape. This is just phase 1 for me, and I’m looking forward to Phase 2!”

my goal to join aspire again after a break of 3 month was to get back in shape, improve my overall health and be active again.

Featured (Male), Success Stories
Featured (Male), Success Stories
Featured (Male), Success Stories
Featured (Male), Success Stories
Featured (Female), Success Stories
Featured (Female), Success Stories
Featured (Female), Success Stories
Featured (Male), Success Stories
“An injury to my rotator cuff left me with intense and chronic pain in my shoulder. After a disappointing visit to a physical therapist at one of the local hospitals, I decided to try FitCorp Asia. I arrived with low expectations, hoping that the physical therapy would allow me to sleep, drive, and perform other daily tasks without pain. My ultimate goal was to be able to swim with my masters' team again. Fitcorp developed a program for me that included massage, stretching, and strength training. Now, after just a few months, I'm finished with the physical therapy program, I'm pain-free, and I'm swimming again! I never would have predicted such a speedy recovery. I'm very glad I went to FitCorp Asia.
Leigh and I would both like to thank you for not only getting us into the best shape of our lives for our wedding but also helping us establish healthy habits that will be with us forever. It is a gift that will keep on giving. As you know Leigh lost a total of 11 kg and I lost 8kg. Last week, just for fun, I tried on my prom dress and it fit! I wore it when I was 17 years old and it fit perfectly (yes, from 17 years ago)! Thanks so much guys!.
In years of weight training with many different trainers both in Thailand and in America I never made any notable progress. Discouraged, I would stop training; then return to it, knowing that my health was at risk if I didn’t do something. I met Daniel in May 2004 and have been working with him since then. Together we have been working on my goals mainly of losing weight, improving my overall fitness level and working on some rehabilitation as I had just come off some serious medical conditions. With Daniel I made progress immediately. He possesses many qualities that make him an outstanding trainer. His knowledge of the human body is apparent and he does a great job of explaining the proper technique and form in order to maximize each exercise. His unique ability and skill to precisely attune himself with my needs and customize a personal regiment that best suits me has far exceeded any and all I have experienced with any other trainer. He has worked diligently giving me his encouragement, expertise, motivation, and guidance through every stage of training. There arent many with his education, experience, and dedication to their clients. Daniel is always trying to improve himself, learning about new techniques and philosophies in physical fitness and physical training. No one I have met is devoted to improving himself so that he can help others. After about twelve months of training I have lost almost 50 kgs. He has revived my commitment to exercise and fitness. His complete devotion to my training program gave me and continues to give me the strength and determination to achieve my fitness goals.
My mind and body was in need of serious attention. After trying to work through some muscle soreness over a long period of time and only becoming more and more frustrated with the setbacks, I sought the help of Daniel and his team at Fitcorp Asia. I was immediately impressed with the depth of knowledge and understanding that Daniel displayed when I first meet with him. I was confident that I had found the right team of people that would take through a period of rehabilitation and training that would get me back to the level of fitness and mental energy I required. I can strongly recommend everyone that needs to gain control of their fitness, weight and mental alertness to Daniel and the team at Fitcorp Asia.
With 12 years experience as a former physical training instructor in the British Army, I would highly recommend the fantastic benefits that Daniel's expertise and enthusiasm does for individuals and companies. The benefits await those who have the courage to get themselves a healthy mind and body, which they will appreciate in later life.
I have been training with Daniel and the Fitcorp Team for close to 5 years now, and can say that he's probably the best personal trainer in Thailand. I have had a lot of experience with personal trainers from over 15 years of experience trying out various fitness concepts/programs at top health clubs in Bangkok, and can honestly say that the training that I have done with Daniel has been the only one that has given me significant and very obvious results in a very short time. This clearly reflects the fact that he knows what he is doing. But the greatest thing of all is the variety, attention, energy and dedication he gives to you in every session, and it is always consistent! In other words he genuinely focuses on you and is always alongside you to get that result you want. This is the key to what makes all his clients stick to their programs, keep coming back for more, and getting the results they want.
Daniel has provided inspirational and motivational post partum training for me allowing me to return to work feeling strong and in great lean shape. Taking time to understand my lifestyle and professional demands, Daniel designed a unique personal functional program for me. The program has simultaneously toned my muscles whilst reducing both body fat and weight. In addition, Daniel detailed a complete nutritional regime to reduce my body fat whilst fuelling the body. Daniel has helped me maximise my potential and achieve my fitness goals. I continue to be impressed with Daniel's unquestionable professionalism and the long term vision strategy of Fitcorp.
Thank you for getting me a new hubby! When I picked him up at the airport, I couldn't stop staring at him, I had never met that man before! Seriously, his face has changed so much without these 14 kg, I had never known him like this before. And I like it! Now, I am still getting used to hugging him, because my arms can actually go around him so much farther! And I like that too!.
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Daniel Remon changed my life. Like countless millions of other people, I used to exercise half-heartedly, or even when I was motivated, I mostly did it the wrong way. My entire approach to and knowledge of fitness changed forever after I met Daniel two years ago at my club in Bangkok and asked him to be my personal trainer. From Day 1 I knew that Daniel was a highly-trained professional, and through him I now know more about exercise, nutrition, and the human body. I was suddenly thrown into a world of fitness that produced quick results, was challenging but fun, and enabled me push myself to attain goals that I did not think possible. Daniels unique and wide-ranging exercise programs, combining cardiovascular exercises, functional weight training, and balance and form drills guaranteed results. My strength, endurance, flexibility and mental focus are all far greater today than before I began working with Daniel. But just hitting the gym is only part of my great learning experience. Daniel taught me the benefits of having a proper diet and getting enough rest, which only increased the benefits I receive in the gym. And finally, Daniel pushes and motivates me more than any coach Ive ever had in participation sports while growing up, or any gym assistant who’s given me pointers. He believes in me and my goals, and has a unique ability to help me get the most out of each exercise. The ultimate benefit for me? About 30 minutes after each workout, when my body’s endorphins kick in and I feel absolutely incredible. I think anyone can say its a bit of a drag getting into the gym, but when I see Daniel there ready to go, it all changes for me. And afterwards, I remember why I like to exercise.
Daniel helped me to focus on setting my own fitness goals and then put together a plan for me to achieve them efficiently. When I train with Daniel, he helps me work probably 50% harder than when I train on my own. But even when I train alone, I can still follow the program. He has a very positive attitude, an easy manner and he educates as we train. I always look forward to our sessions.
I have been one of Daniel's clients for more than 8 years now, training with him twice a week. In this time, Daniel has introduced me to a wide variety of equipment and techniques to develop and improve my strength, cardio-vascular fitness and endurance. He has also advised me on healthier lifestyle choices and nutritious diets. Daniel has always been flexible and accommodating with his schedule to fit around my own commitments. Daniel is extremely approachable and is able to establish friendly relationships with his clients, whilst still maintaining professional boundaries. Daniel has a thread of determination running through him as he continuously challenges his clients to perform to their full their potential and beyond. With his wide range of skills, knowledge in physical fitness, and excellent interpersonal skills, Daniel is able to read the daily needs of his clients and adjust the programme accordingly. In the last year and a half, Daniel has assisted me in developing a greater appreciation for a variety of fitness techniques, has given me greater awareness of my body and the changes that have occurred to it.
I have known Daniel since 1998, where we worked at Chiva Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. I found Daniel to be an extraordinarily talented health professional and witnessed first hand the influence of his passion and knowledge to inspire others and positively change peoples lives. To see Daniel branch out and start his own business venture with Fitcorp Asia and achieve immediate success is testimony to his ability to inspire and educate his clients and his team through his unique passion and dedication to his mission. Daniel persists with establishing only the highest of standards in the health and fitness industry and is a visionary of his cause. I respect him highly.
I have been working with Daniel for the last 2 years and it has been fun. In that time my fitness level has improved immensely. We have worked on specific strength training and I have noticed consistent changed and adaptations from our training. Daniel has kept me interested and motivated with the variety of exercises using a multitude of exercise mediums and concepts. It has been challenging and fun. We have also worked on a specific golf fitness conditioning program and I have increased my distance with all clubs at least 30 yards which is a great improvement. It has meant that my score for a round has been reduced by an average of 8 strokes.
Daniel is an outstanding Fitness Coach, one of the best in the business. What he taught me about how to exercise in 1 hour and the techniques he uses simply blew me away. I can highly recommend Daniel to any company or individual.
Daniel had such a fantastic abundance of drive, enthusiasm and energy that you could not help but be driven by these qualities yourself. While he trained you as a professional he also worked with you as a friend. The techniques used worked wonders and I still use them today years after leaving Thailand. If you are serious about your health contact him. NOW!
Daniel is a consummate professional. Full of energy and ideas and always a pleasure to be around. His knowledge of all things health related plus his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to share make him a valuable asset to anyone’s network! Would not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or business looking for a fun way to get fit.
Dan is an energetic and driven individual who sets goals for him self and also his clients and makes sure they are achieved. I had the pleasure to work with Daniel at Chiva Som international Health resort in Thailand where joe blo and celebrities both where trained and coached by many of the fitness team there. Daniel was one of the individuals whose names kept coming up with top comments.
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