Bootcamps Bangkok

Bangkok Bootcamp is Thailand’s ONLY monthly structured outdoor fitness and conditioning program designed to maximize energy expenditure, burn fat, and get you in great shape FAST!

We have created a program that includes all components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, stability, posture, core strength, speed and agility) into one jam packed 60 minute session that will have you smiling all the way. No 2 Bangkok Bootcamp sessions are ever the same, and we have conducted more than 3000 outdoor bootcamp sessions in Bangkok since 2003 .

We include elements of functional and body weight training, sport specific conditioning, pilates and yoga, designed to super charge your metabolism, build strength, cardio conditioning and help you shed fat, get fit in Bangkok and make some fantastic friends.

Our program is designed to challenge participants individually, allowing everyone to give 100%, regardless of age or current fitness levels, Bangkok’s personal trainers and bootcamp coaches are there to held you perform better in each and every bootcamp session.

For more details, visit our bootcamp site: www.bangkokbootcamp.com

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