Golf Fitness: it’s all about the core, mate!

Most weekend warriors and froghair primadonnas outthere have something in common: they don’t exercise (clubhouse parties excluded).

The much-maligned Tiger Woods once said that his level was mostly the result of sweating it out in the gym. To many though, it seems that golf is all about technique or worse, all about equipment. While this is partly true, we should never forget that golf is a real sport after all. Football players don’t only train on their penalty shots and their corners, do they? Why most golfers consider physical conditioning irrelevant to their sport is something that I’ve trouble grasping. In order to play and perform better, the practice of golf fitness is helping an increasingly high number of golf enthusiasts.Mixing sport-specific exercises with general fitness training, golf fitness should be an essential part of every golfer, no matter their level. Improvements in your swing and in your general game most likely won’t come from watching dvd’s explaining the intricacies of proper golf movements. Increases in power, flexibility, endurance and speed will come from scientifically-backed exercises. Here at the Aspire Club we’re passionate about golf and we’re always looking into the latest developments in technology to bring you cutting-edge workout sessions that guarantee you long lasting results and a fast track to bettering your game.

Core stability

One of the most central aspect of golf fitness training resides in the strengthening of the core. Your abdominal wall, your pelvis and your back all contribute to maintain your body stable and your posture upright. The joint action of these muscles provide the necessary support during movement. A weak core can lead to imbalances and thus can seriously hamper your game. In order to get your swing to the next level, it is vital to focus on exercises that involve the abs, the obliques and the spinal erector as well.Here are a few simple exercises that will help you a great deal in your quest for swing swagger:PlankContract your core, keep your back as straight as possible and hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds. Once you’re used to the movement and have gotten stronger, you can add some weight on your back to add intensity.Spider-manPosition yourself as though you were preparing to do a push-up. Instead of lowering you body, keep it straight and push your leg forward as pictured. Keep your chin up for perfect form. Alternate and do 10 to 12 reps per leg. This will strenghten your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. These muscles are responsible for swing velocity and explosiveness.Bent knee hip extensions
bent knee hip extension aspire club bangkok
Starting point : keep your whole back on the ground, then lift your hips as pictured in a controlled fashion. At full extension, contract your glutes. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
There you have it at a glance. There’s a myriad of other exercises that are extremely beneficial for your game. We won’t spoil the fun here so please pay us a visit at our studio in downtown Bangkok and we’ll be thrilled to show you what we have in store! The possibilities are endless but our coaches will guide you to make sure your improve quickly and safely.
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