HIIT training for dummies: an introduction

High intensity interval training is simply put, the best way to achieve more with your training while actually exercising less.

To hell with the grueling, two hour long training sessions. To hell with the gargantuan weights. To hell with the treadmill rat race. More is less with HIIT and here is what you need to know to jump on the training effectiveness bandwagon.

HIIT is not a fad, it’s not complicated and it’s certainly not too elite for you. Actually, HIIT is a generic training method that can be applied to a wide range of physical activities: running, biking, swimming, or even rowing. The principle is similar to firing a weapon: in order to accurately hit your target, would you rather keep the trigger squeezed until you empty the clip hoping that a bullet will hit the target, or fire short, controlled bursts to make sure you hit the bullseye?

hiit by aspire clubIf you aspire to become a marksman one day, chances are that your shooting instructor told you not to go berserk on the trigger. Well, HIIT is basically the same: in order to produce the best results in terms of fat loss, cardiovascular strengthening, and body toning, you need to keep your sessions short but intense. Combining explosive effort with periods of rest at regular intervals will keep your body on its toes and prevent you from ever plateauing.

As I said, HIIT principles can be used for any type of sport, so without further ado, I’d like to show you a sample workout that you can test and try at home before you duke it out with a personal coach.

A sample HIIT workout for beginners

Since beaches, ponds and pools are never far away in Bangkok, here is a HIIT swimming workout routine.

Warm up (We’ll never say it enough, a proper warm-up is crucial, whatever sport you engage in. This is even truer when you add HIIT in the mix): get the blood flowing, stretch, and prime your muscles. If you swim in an Olympic-sized pool, swim a couple of laps. Duration: 6-8 min.

When you’re ready, start as follows :

45 seconds, high velocity sprint (freestyle)  followed by 1’30” of light swim or paddling

Repeat for 15 minutes.

When you’re done with your training, get out of the pool and hit the treadmill for another 15 minutes, keep your intensity low but steady. As a duly deserved reward, you can treat yourself with a creamy protein shake and some good carbs like a banana and a handful of oats (simple and complex carbs to cover the full spectrum).

”But it’s too short!” Remember that this very simple routine is made for beginners and I can tell you that if you did it correctly ‘too short’ is not the first thing that’ll spring to your mind but rather something like ‘I’m dead!’ or ‘this is insane!’. The goal here is not to train longer, but to train smarter and better.

After such a workout, your hgh (human growth hormones) will go through the roof and will trigger a cascade of beneficial chemical reactions in your body. Use this method and fine tune the intensity to your liking  (by reducing the rest time for instance) and witness your whole body undergo a plastic transformation that even the best Hollywood doctor won’t be able to match!

Talk about it with our very knowledgeable trainers at The Aspire Club. They’ll give you tons of tips and tricks to get you started in a flash and they will help you kick down doors you thought were invisible.

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