Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

World's leading physiological measurement and personalized guidance for a healthier lifestyle, recovery and performance.

Our programs are proven to create powerfully effective transformation in people, productivity, performance and culture. We continue to work to empower change through health, mindset transformation, engagement through human behaviour beyond traditional text book programs that produce strong financial returns in months, not years for our clients.

The perfect tool we use for our corporate wellness clients for team performance, leaderships and mental health, productivity and engagement.

Manage Stress & Recovery for Optimal Health

Aspire's HRV connects the dots between your body’s reactions and daily activities. You learn how to sleep better, manage stress, and exercise right.

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What we can measure with HRV

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At Aspire, we revolutionised advanced performance analytics for stress, recovery, sleep and exercise. We quantify our client results with cutting edge technology and science.

— Daniel Remon, Founder

Building Better Lifestyles through Health Tech

Two decades of heart rate variability research enables millions of people to reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.The most advanced technology to balance stress and recovery for better health.

We use our tech for individuals and companies to gain performance analytics into team performance to build resilient and engaged performers.Are You Ready to Create Positive Change in Your Organization?


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Your Are unique. So you need a unique approach.

Engagement and Performance is the new wellness. In fact, globally we redefine human performance as a key financial and culture benchmark. Productivity, resilience, stress management, goal achievement systems, retention, leaderships, self development, mindset transformation of all levels of the organisation must be adopted for short and long term success.

You Might Sleep, But Not Recover

Sleep’s main purpose is to recover and recharge physiologically and psychologically. But, if your sympathetic nervous system is dominant during sleep you won’t fully recover.

What We Measure

Key Lifestyle Indicators

Over 300,000 employees have already improved their well-being with our Tech. Our clients achieve wellness program engagement rates of up to 88%.

For companies

Track Stress Responses

Gain precise insights into your body’s reactions, responsiveness, and resilience. Understand the effect of your daily choices and make small but meaningful changes that lead to a full and balanced life.

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Now It's Your Turn To Evolve

They say the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is today. Your new life is just a click away.

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Our 100% Guarantee is Established through measurable feedback and financial returns.

Over the last 20 years, Fitcorp Consulting Group has been optimizing human potential and building effective, powerful engagement programs to help organisations create a new path to performance. The financial ROI are much faster than you think.

Distinctly measurable with you know what to measure.

No other program exists like the Aspire Method. Proven and backed by science to show you what you can't see. We are excited to pioneer health, fitness and longevity like no-one else.

— Daniel Remon, Founder & CEO

Fitcorp Global Group

Corporate Engagement, Wellness and Leadership Programs

Beyond wellness, our experience and client result has taught us that human behaviour, engagement is a performance centric essential to retention, stress management, retention and profitability with measureable ROI’s for company growth and evolution and success.

We share research from 10,000's of employee surveys, where they give us the insights of what they want, and what they need to ensure a strategically customised approach to all demographics and levels of the organisation.

Just Some Of Our Happy Clients

An integrated appach to personal and organisational performance through human beahviour, mindset transformation, stress and energy management systems for all levels of the organistion to establish ‘self leadership’ as a core driver of excellence.

“Daniel delivers a unique highly energized yet practical concept of performance that is easy to understand and apply to all levels of the organisation. We decided to work with Fitcorp long term to deliver specific top level leadership training focused on resilience, energy management and ‘self leadership’. Highly recommended.”

— Jeff C. CFO, Citibank

"We have been working with Daniel and his team at Fitcorp to empower our leaders and teams. They helped develop a strategy to increase engagement and energy. We have never experienced such a powerful impact on our teams in such a short amount of time. The culture shift, focus and productivity is clear. Daniel's key note events are powerful, influential and awesome!"

— Wiyada S. Country Lead, 3M

"We hired Fitcorp to develop a strategic engagement plan and build new skills of self leadership for management team. The evidence of change in our team was immediate and has continued as a new standard of organisational success to support all levels of the company."

— Manuel S. MD, Cavagna

Improving People,
Productivity Performance.

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If you have an injury, chronic unresolved pain or just a nagging pain that is bothering you, do something about it and email Aspire HERE to make an appointment for an assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Fitcorp Consulting Group programs.

Every comapny needs to develop their own unique winning formula. Identify the real challenges, learn what your teams need and want, then create based on innovative and people centric programs that are continuous and evolving.

As experts in our field, our solutions have evolved over 20 years, creating a unique and innovative approach. Asking powerful question on ‘how to improve, how to increase engagement, how do we ‘change’ mindsets and human behaviour is a combination of neuroscience, psychology and human behaviour to develop engaging and effective programs that shift energy, overcome stress and excitre teams on challenge and self development.

First step is consulting management to identify key challenges and optimize what you already do to ensure financial returns. Few companies know how to measure financial savings from training and programs. When we consult with clients, the primary focus is to develop a strong strategy for financial ROI, so we actually help clients save money. 

Priority is always focused on consulting to establish strategic and effective plans. Then it is based on needs and organisational goals. We help corporate clients develop leadership and engagement programs ranging from genetic leadership, ergonomics, stress management, resilience, energy optimization, goal achievement, self leadership, productivity and time management, personality profiling to soft skills development. Both on site and virtual programs are possible. Delivering  wellness / development and leadership coaching in a local, regional and global system based on specific organisational needs.

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