Are Nutrition Protein Shakes good for everyone?

Protein supplementation has been around for more than fifty years now. Back in the days, protein powder were tasting very bad, were hard on the stomach and had the texture of sand. Not the best post workout meal…

Time and technology have done us a great favor: modern protein supplementation is now tasty, rich and packed with nutrients. But is it really suitable for everyone?

There are various type of protein powders available on the market so for a non-connoisseur, being confronted to so many options, tastes (sometimes even after tastes…), packaging and usage directions can be a little daunting.

I’ve compiled for you the main types of proteins powders that you can find in Bangkok. I won’t go over which brand tastes best or which brand has Oreo cookie flavor, because it’s a matter of personal preference.

Instead, I’d like to give you some advice as to which proteins suit your goals, how to take them and why you should care.


The most common protein powders are prepared using whey. Whey is a by product of milk. You obtain this liquid after regular milk has been curdled. It is made up of high quality protein and devoid of fats. This substance is found in most protein based products. Musashi for instance, carries two types of whey protein powders: WPI and WPC, which stand for Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate, respectively.

WPI is a finer, better filtered version of the WPC, it is thus a little bit more expensive and core fitness enthusiasts swear by protein powders that are isolate, because they are supposed to be easier than digest and assimilate than their counterpart.

WHEY & SUGAR (aka post workout protein powders)

Although it never labeled as ‘whey & sugar’, typical post workout powders contain more simple carbohydrates than actual protei. They’re obviously indicated post workout, because they provide a much-needed source of fast acting sugar that will help replenish glycogen in your muscles and act as a shuttle for the protein to be transported and absorbed.


Not everyone needs to lose fat, some people actually have a lot of trouble putting on some weight. Gainer powders are extremely high calorie (as much as 1,400 kcal per serving…) and are definitely not suitable for the fitness goer. Even if you notice you hardly gain any weight despite a good diet and an appropriate weight program, it is generally a good idea to get yourself assessed by a professional before even considering taking ‘gainer. Based on a few physical and morphological findings, he’ll quickly be able to define your body type (ectomorph – skinny, endormorph – propensity to carry some extra pounds here and there, mesomorph – lean and muscular).

Usually people are a good mix of two or more body types, though so be sure to know where you stand before taking these calorie-laden shakes.

There are of course other types of protein powders (soy based, mixed-source, 92, long-acting, etc…) but I omitted them on purpose because they are used in specific situations and are designed for more advanced athletes.

You’ll get plenty of very good results with the protein powder I mentioned above, believe me.

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