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I first started working at Chiva-Som in 1998. If you didn’t know, Chiva-Som is the pioneer in a dedicated health and wellness retreats, based in Hua Hin. It has set the standard for health resorts globally.

While there we developed a unique service that many guests started requesting to exchange for their spa treatments. Yes, it made them feel better, more mobile, and more energized than massage.

And I want to re-introduce this to you.

Aspire is excited to introduce a new personalized flexibility service to help you improve the areas in which most people invest less time than they should.

Often we hear that ‘improving flexibility’ is a goal. Mainly from the point of ‘functional’ capacity. Meaning they feel tight, and awkward when doing everyday things. Now not that anyone wants to become a supple leopard or yogi, however, we do want to have the feeling of being able to move ‘freely’ for activities of daily living (ADLs).

And we know that having poor mobility and flexibility (don’t forget these are 2 different things) is related to poor biomechanics, and movement skills and therefore reduces our potential leading to muscle imbalance and pain.

Using a science-based approach, to improve the flexibility of muscles and ROM of joints there are many advanced techniques and not all stretching and flexibility are treated equally.

So our new program ISOstretch brings the best and most effective forms of advanced flexibility training to you in one single session.. We include:

– Isometric training (Muscle Activation)
– AIS (Active Isolated Stretching
– PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
– SMRT (Self Myofascial Release Therapy)

Keep in mind, that just a 3-minute stretch at the end of your session is not going to yield you great results. Like all components of health and fitness, you must apply the FITT principle (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type), to track and measure your improvements.

With specific relation to flexibility, we must consider the increased frequency, time, and only intensity as a factor for mainly Isometric and PNF methods, and not static stretching protocols.

Try it, it will be the perfect compliment to your current training and help you do the things you need to do, but don’t do on your own 1f642


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