Success Mindset : Exercise as a Catalyst

Gandhi once said that ‘there’s no way to peace, peace is the way’. The same can also be said about success and what it takes to ‘make it’.

Success fosters success, it’s a virtuous circle that once triggered, is surprisingly hard to break. Being on a roll is no accident though, I believe that everything happens for a good reason and that perseverance (some call it doggedness…) always pays eventually.

The parallel with fitness is quite easy to draw as fitness exercises very much mimic what challenges people face in their everyday life. Not only a man’s character is revealed when the odds are stacked against him, but it is also revealed when weights are stacked on the barbell.

Exercising regularly will help your career in unexpected ways: men and women that are slimmer are statistically happier and more confident about themselves and usually report that these benefits also impact their work. Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance though, the former is great but the latter is despicable. Achieving your fitness goals, whether they can be measured in inches, pounds or repetitions will boost you and the ones surrounding you because you will ooze with positive vibrations and your can-do attitude won’t go unnoticed.

No, I’m not reading your horoscope here, I’m merely stating that if you feel that your job or your colleagues have been bogging you down lately, that your career has reached its plateau (deservedly or not) it is the right time to stick out your chest, roll up your sleeves and take a good look at yourself.

Chances are that you’re not too happy about your weight, your bankroll, your love life, your diet, etc… Everyone has a reason to feel miserable about something! Instead of reveling in your misery and let your chest deflate like a tired basketball, take these flaws and turn them into life-changing challenges.

pump up your chest, the new 'you' is just a click away!
pump up your chest, the new ‘you’ is just a click away!

Goals are vital in any endeavor: you wouldn’t board a train without having a destination set in your mind (if yes, there’s not much I can do for you…), just the same as you wouldn’t start to exercise without a goal.

Our job at the Aspire Club Bangkok is to take this goal and turn into a beacon of light for you so you don’t get lost in the storm. Sorry for the flamboyant style here, but we love nothing more to see people leaving our studio with their eyes full of sparks and enough energy to fire up a power plant!

We’re inspired by excellence and driven by results. Your new ‘you’ is a click away. Don’t miss out!

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