Chaii Fongsai

Chaii Fongsai

Chaii Fongsai

Private Fitness Coach

What was the main reason why you wanted to become a coach?

Being surrounded by people who both want to learn from my expertise and can contribute to my own knowledge have been factors that drive me. Carefully choosing my career path in the exercise and nutrition sciences in Thailand captures just what is essential to my own well-being.

I draw energy from helping and educating clients about what are the accurate ways of leading a performance-fuelled life that turns into visible and tangible results. 

After many years of getting clients back on track, I haven’t regretted for a second why I am keen on sharing the knowledge of staying on top of your health.

Why do you believe everyone needs to have a coach to stay healthy?

I am talking out of experience; better results come when you know what to do and what not to do. 

We are constantly distracted by priorities and obligations, often disrupting our track to where we want to go. Family, holiday, an evening out with friends: we all know what can hinder us to move forward and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Without a coach, one that keeps you on track and really can deliver results, too many people head back and forth between not realising their goals and trying something new. The magic lies in being consistent and having the patience that results will come.

What is the biggest misconception / myth out in the world about health and wellness?

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing all these fancy new exercise patterns and classes appearing. Many of these sessions are designed to keep the fitness process entertaining and creative. There is so much randomness out there, telling society that it is the last solution you will ever need.

The truth is that consistency and keeping it simple remains the best and most efficient way to reach your health goal. Not all those movement patterns promote this through the latest fitness novelties. 

It is just like the famous yo-yo diet; it hardly delivers results if you do not approach your journeys with consistency and do not focus on your main movements.

For you personally, what makes Aspire stand out from the crowd?

Knowing the industry very well from all my years of coaching clients, it is Aspire’s methodology that delivers. Movement is more than proper form, accurate functioning and building up a sweat. We only see our clients for around 1% each week; achieving their goals cannot be reached through 2-3 sessions a week.

But I know what I need to do to make the other 99% count to deliver the results our clients are after. And with my colleagues, our work never ends when clients leave our private studio. I have yet to find a company that takes goal setting on and off the gym floor as seriously as we do.

From your experience as a trainer, what is the biggest struggle for clients these days?

Patience is a virtue

Clients these days want quick results and are looking for shortcuts. I regularly have discussions with my clients about new things they have seen on the internet. And they are tempted to try out.

And before they realise it, something new rises on the horizon, eager to be tried out.

Clients are getting lost in the sheer amount of information that is out there. And do not concentrate on the solutions that do bring results. Confusion and frustration mount up in such a way that they no longer have the tools and evidence of writing their own solutions.

A fun fact about you

Besides being an accomplished cocktail maker and avid traveller, I really enjoy a good party. While my training routines remain consistent during the day after working with my clients, I definitely like to spend time on the dance floor. 

More than enough reasons for inviting me to your next party! 

What Makes Aspire Different?

As a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, Aspire Coaching has led the way in delivering personal fitness training in Bangkok. Seen as one of the finest examples of incorporating holistic health approaches in health and wellbeing in Thailand, our team of fitness trainers are experts in exercise, weight loss, and nutrition. Since 2002, our personal trainers have transformed thousands of lives and have improved lifestyles in a sustainable way.

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