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Niels Steeman

General Manager

What was the main reason why you wanted to become a coach?

From a very young age, I was a firm believer that I had to make it into the corporate world. My mission was to climb the corporate ladder as a measurement of success.

My health was not able to catch up with what I had in mind as being a goal, a measurement of success. Because I ignored the signals of my body, an accumulation of issues and ailments rose. After a serious incident, I realised more than ever that health is wealth. Through changes, my interest connected to why I was doing it became extremely clear.

Since then, my focus has been to become a guide for those who just need it as hard as I needed it. And I still am my own client as coaches do need coaches.

Why do you believe everyone needs to have a coach to stay healthy?

Complexity reigns supreme in today’s world. We are inundated with smart marketing campaigns and solutions screaming out to be tried out. Because it is claimed to deliver results.

Our bodies are the results of thousands of years of construction, fine-tuning, and adjusting to our ever-changing environment. We are the product of evolution. And we are currently living in a revolution.

As coaches, it is not only exchanging the knowledge we have to maintain health but also give clients the tools to apply this. Through habit changes and creating awareness, while upholding the accountability part with you, successfully navigating through the world of stress, nutrition practices, and sleep, you can live the healthy life you want to live.

What is the biggest misconception / myth out in the world about health and wellness?

Quick fixes. 

As speed is paramount in today’s society, we see more and more clients trying this and that and await immediate results. I often feel it is directly connected to the fast-paced society we are living in. 

Many of our clients still believe that everything can be obtained in record time because of what the internet says. The results of these smart marketed solutions in losing weight or getting ripped hardly provide a long-term consistency. Too many are falling back to their old habits because of the lack of this consistency.

For you personally, what makes Aspire stand out from the crowd?

Too many centres promoting health and wellbeing revolve around the concept of exercise and a bit of nutritional advice. We all know that this is not enough when sustainable health goals are on the agenda. Aspire takes on this holistic approach that is second to none.

We can destroy what we gained on the gym floor in record time. By giving clients the tools to perform well and on track, Aspire also does not shy away from debunking the myths that are out there.

From your experience as a trainer, what is the biggest struggle for clients these days?

There are a few struggles I can come up with, but one of the main ones that stand out from the crowd is the topic of accountability. We all have habits that may not serve us or we need to strengthen in becoming a better version of ourselves.

The struggle we regularly encounter is that clients can deviate from their trajectory yet do not always have it in them to acknowledge that they are the ones responsible for implementation. 

Accountability for one’s actions – with the tools we offer – is crucial to success. Unfortunately, we coaches are not able to hold hands with our clients 24/7 and guide them back on track when deviating from the course laid in.

A fun fact about you

I am a big Star Wars fan. Besides seeing all the movies and series numerous times, my collection includes various models, numerous books, an xx amount of Star Wars socks and a hand-made lightsaber. 

Particularly the first three movies – the original Star Wars trilogy – are very special to me.

What Makes Aspire Different?

As a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, Aspire Coaching has led the way in delivering personal fitness training in Bangkok. Seen as one of the finest examples of incorporating holistic health approaches in health and wellbeing in Thailand, our team of fitness trainers are experts in exercise, weight loss, and nutrition. Since 2002, our personal trainers have transformed thousands of lives and have improved lifestyles in a sustainable way.

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