TRANSFORM 6 – Affordable Personal Training in Bangkok

We understand that personal training is not in everyone’s budget. So we have put together an amazing program that has proven to help 100% of our clients achieve results with the same dedication, accountability and systems that our personal training clients achieve while working one on one with their private coach.
It’s called TRANSFORM in 6.
The TRANSFORM in 6 Program is for you if you’re:
✔ Looking for an affordable option to private training
✔ Struggled to achieve serious results
✔ Want to lose weight, get lean and toned, and keep it off
✔ Need structure, motivation, accountability and early success
✔ Specific tools to implement long term change
✔ Want powerful and effective nutrition strategies without feeling deprived.
What You Get in the TRANSFORM in 6 Program:
➡️ Strategic Nutrition and and Goal Achievement session to personalize your plan for optimal results
➡️ 2 x Semi-Private Coaching sessions per week, designed with Tommy Saggus
➡️ Session are run in private groups of 2-3, maximising personal attention
➡️ Choose the times that work best for your schedule.
➡️ A strong focus on what happens outside in the other 164 hours of your week
➡️ Teach you how to influence and control your hormones to work for you.
What You Can Expect in the TRANSFORM in 6 Program:
?A simple, effective yet very powerful science based program that guarantees results
?100% of our clients who follow the programs acheive results.
?Consistent, daily, ongoing service, communication, support and advice
?Empowering decisions and self control, confidence and success
?Early results, in as little as 3-5 days
?Proven strategies, support and guidance.
Starts March 5th, with pre consultations done prior to commencement.
? Early Bird Special – 12,000 baht + vat (ends February 28th)
? Limited to only 5 people
This program is the ultimate solution to break through limiting beliefs, plateaus, yo-yo weight loss into a new realm of confidence and success that is sustainable, rewarding and empowering.
Click below to get in touch and we will help you get started.
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