12 Days of Fitness Gifts 2016

WOW, it’s nearly Christmas again!To celebrate and to continue to deliver highly valued free fitness information to keep you healthy, active and motivated, we would love to share with all of you out there 12 fitness gifts to say thank you and to help you stay on track!Every day, you will receive a FREE gift from us all the way up to Christmas day! You do not need to do anything, no need to sign up, pay, commit, show up, attend, nothing. Just 12 free gifts from us to you.Enjoy gifts such as meal plans, fitness tips, bodyweight fat loss workouts, corrective rehab programs, free training, bootcamps, recipes, strategies, golf fitness workouts, free reports on supplements and much much more.Your First gift, which you will receive today is your Free Fitness Holiday Survival Guide which includes:Here is what you get in your Free Survival Guide for the Holidays!You get everything below, all for free! Just on day 1!
  1. Holiday Survival Guide
  2. 86 Ways to Cut 100 Calories from EVERY MEAL
  3. Simple 10 minute Body Weight Programs
  4. 26 Ways to Fight the Holiday Bulge
  5. Portion Control Quick Reference Guide
  6. 10 Must Do’s for Getting Lean, Anytime of Year
  7. Tips to reduce Cholesterol and Fat
  8. Best Christmas Healthy EggNog Recipe!!
  9. Healthy Holiday Drinks Recipes
  10. Healthy Holiday Appetizers Recipes!!! That’s CRAZY!!!
  1. Mindset Hacks
  2. Debunking Weight Loss Hacks
  3. Shed in 21 Program
  4. Cash Vouchers
  5. Corporate Wellness Ideas
  6. 50% Off Clean & Lean
  7. Refer a Friend Bonuses
  8. 3,000 Baht Discount off PT programs
  9. 30% off PT GOLD 12 Month Memberships.
  10. Guaranteed 6 and 12 Month Complete Lifestyle Transformations
WITH Genetic Testing. Your Blueprint for LifeAnd Alot more!If you think this is a great idea and some of your friends and family would also benefit from, then please spread the word and tell your friends, post on Facebook, Twitter, email and forward the link to your friends.We want as many as people as possible to benefit!!All you need to do is complete your details below and spread the word!! Send this link to your friends so they can enjoy the same:And fill in the form below. Then you’re done!Have a fantastic Christmas, stay healthy, stay active and stay safe. Let’s make 2017 your fittest and leanest year ever!
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