21-Day Challenge FAQ’s

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You can come by the Aspire Club (Phromphong Branch) for more information, to enroll or register. or

Pre-register here. We will let you know about future updates to the program.

1. How much does the 21 Day Fitness Challenge cost?
3,900 THB per person for 21 DAYS

  • Prices subject to vat

2. Will I have access to shower facilities?”
Yes, we have super nice locker rooms and big showers with organic natural body wash at Aspire. We also provide fresh towels.

  1. Unlimited access to an awesome group training schedule. Updated for 2019.
  2. Easy to follow nutrition guidelines.
  3. Pre & Post Assessment.
  4. Nutrition Seminar and orientation
  5. Support from the #1 health & fitness coaches in Bangkok.
  6. Meal recommendations from The Aspire Club’s FitFood. (Meals not included) And special offers from Paleo Robbie.
  7. LINE & Facebook groups for support anytime, anywhere.
  8. Awesome community support from other new and veteran members.
  9. Daily motivational emails to keep you going.
  10. Prizes and a free membership for top performers.
  11. An awesome after party celebration.
  12. And most importantly, Guaranteed Results. YES, Guaranteed. Follow the System, Change your Body, Change your Life!

We encourage you to attend one class per day six days per week, at least three is ideal.

Some participants have attended as many as two a day. If you have the time and the energy to do so, you are welcome to. But we caution you to listen to your body and make sure you aren’t overtraining. If at any point the training becomes too much talk to one of the coaches and we can advise you on what to do.

5. Do I have to pay for any extras?”
No, everything above is what is included in the program.
We offer two extensions to the 21-Day Challenge for those looking to get more out of their training.

+2 Private Training session and personal nutrition session. +6,900 THB +VAT

With this addition, you get a one-on-one personal training session with a coach and a personalized eating plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. This package is designed to help you with you really nail down and achieve your fitness goals. It will also create the foundation for long-term success.

+1 Training and personal nutrition sessions. +3,900 THB +VAT

This package is the same as above but includes an additional personal training session. This is ideal for beginners and individuals looking to improve their form on more technical lifts. Sometimes one session just isn’t enough.


This program is designed to help establish a healthy lifestyle. We strongly encourage our participants to use the discounts and continue with their training and new lifestyle after the 21 days.

Any other purchases such as personal training and any other product or service available to enhance your results are totally up to you! Additional accountability, personal coaching might be the extra support you need.

6. How do I get started?
To get started we need to have your payment in full. We can take cash, credit card, or bank transfer. We encourage you to come by The Aspire Club to make the payment. This will allow you to become familiar with our location and facilities.

7. Where are the classes held?
-Benjakitti park (walking distance to/400m from Asoke BTS), AND – Aspire @ Y Spa, 10th Floor, Foodland Building, Sukhumvit Road, soi 16.

8. Where is The Aspire Club located?
-Phromphong Branch, Metropolis Building, 8th Floor (for payment) and Soi 16 Branch, above Foodland Building in Soi 16. 10th Floor-For payment, Aspire Phromgphong Branch (Right at the traffic lights on Sukhumvit Road, between Soi 39-41). Motorcycle and car parking is available.

Class Schedule:

Detailed Class Descriptions

Small Group Training & Outdoor Bootcamp at Benjakiti Park (Asoke):


07:00am – HEAT (Y Spa, soi 16)

18:30pm – HIRT (Y Spa, soi 16)


07:00am – OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP (Benjakitti)

18:30pm – HEAT (Y Spa, soi 16)


06:00am – OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP (Benjakitti)

07:00am – HIIT (Y Spa, soi 16)

18:30pm – URBAN WARRIOR (Y Spa, soi 16)


07:00am – OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP SPEED (Benjakitti)

18:30pm – HIIT (Y Spa, soi 16)


07:00am – URBAN WARRIOR (Y Spa, soi 16)

18:30pm – FORTIFY4 (Y Spa, soi 16)


07:00am – TEAM OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP (Benjakitti)

17:30pm – URBAN WARRIOR (Y Spa, soi 16)


17:30pm – HIIT (Y Spa, soi 16)


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