5 Awesome Personal Success Strategies you MUST Consider

1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is one of the key fundamentals you need to do. Which is why most people are not able to achieve their goals or become successful. Staying in your comfort zone means you are probably happy with second best, satisfied with average performance and sticking with the status quo. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone also leads to personal growth, learning some of those hard lessons and getting back up again after those heavy knockdowns.

When you are uncomfortable, you meet problems and challenges, forcing you to dig deep, deeper, to find solutions, new and improved ways to achieve goals and build your success strategy beyond what the average person is ready to do.

2. Know Where You Are Going

Knowing exactly what you want is crucial in knowing how to develop your plan and knowing what you need to do to get there. Without a destination, you will simply be lost in space, lacking direction, with no specific plan of action to achieve your goals. You have probably heard of the SMART goal setting system, and the traditional model is ok, however over the years I have further enhanced its effectiveness and developed what we call the SMARTer goal system, and there are more tweaks to the system than just the ‘er’ at the end. The NEW SMARTer goal system ensures the most crucial components of a goal, the ‘action plan’ are also included, which needs to be the main focus after you have identified your specific goal. If you are still not sure exactly what you want, then another awesome tool I learned from Kane Minkus from the Industry Rockstar. It’s all about how to create your Rockstar Lifestyle.

3. Find Mentors

Success leaves clues. And guess what, regardless of your niche or area of expertise, and even if you are breaking new ground, for sure, someone else has done it before. Finding your mentor, or ‘mentors’ is a crucial part of your success. You get to tap into their previous experience, learning from their mistakes, and gaining essential insight into their successes, their mindset, success processes. Mentors, like coaches, won’t be telling you what to do. They will, however, be asking very specific questions, to help you find your own answers guiding you in the right direction that will lead to greater success. Look for mentors in your industry who have already made it, already been through the failures, mistakes and have already spent years to achieve their dream lifestyle and ultimate success. It’s also important to know, that mentors cost money. They don’t share their knowledge and experience for free. However, if they are good, you will no doubt achieve tremendous returns for your investment 10 times over and over. Think of it as an accelerated success system.

4. Follow Success

Success leaves clues. Yep, believe it or not, success is a system. Hundreds of others have become successful by following someone else’s success strategy. You will find that there are many similarities in every success system. Once you know what success is defined as for you, find others who have also achieved the same level of success that you also aspire to. Study their steps follow the plan, do as they have done. And, find a mentor who has already been there, and done it!

5. Be Ready to Be Wrong

What, ME? Wrong? That’s impossible! Yes, sometimes we are. Perhaps most of the time you are right or give yourself the most correct answer, most of the time. The point is, you cannot be right all the time. Be humble, be open to learning, be open to new opportunities and perhaps ‘better’ ways of achieving the same outcome – or an even ‘better’ outcome. With age, experience, and knowledge, sure you will be guiding yourself in the right direction, just remember, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ so don’t shut the door on other people’s advice or opinions. It might just guide towards a new way of thinking and even greater success.

About the Author:

Daniel Remon has been a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, developing a multitude of result driven health businesses from gyms, personal training studios, retreats, education and corporate wellness. An energetic and inspiring speaker and presenter, Daniel writes in real terms on the latest research, programming, training, nutrition and mindset success systems that just makes sense. The founder of Fitcorp Group, which includes The Aspire Club, CrossFit Bangkok,  ASPATA Fitness Academy, Lifestyle Health Retreats, Asian Corporate Wellness Association

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