A New Form of Addiction: Food

Addiction. The name itself raises lots of negative thoughts and feelings. Humanity often connects this word with drugs, social media, or alcohol. The overuse of any available substance – either tangible or intangible – can be detrimental to one’s health.

We all agree on the common factor that too much of anything isn’t a good thing. We see mental and physical damage done as it slowly takes over one’s life.

However, for decades, food has been placed in the same line as the previous areas where addictive behaviour is common. From an early age, nutrition has been placed as a must to survive, to gain energy from, and to ensure we grow and perform at our very best.

A balanced diet is part of the equation leading to a healthy life.

In many of our consultations with Aspire clients, we do notice a tendency of a new, unhealthy relationship with food. Our personal fitness trainers and nutrition coaches see a rising trend where superfluous amounts of food are consumed at regular intervals, resulting in weight gain and a lack of mental clarity and focus.

There’s no denying that external factors i.e. stressful situations at work or in the family may result in binge eating. Frequency and volume, alongside making less-preferred choices are some of the main areas new clients bring forward as an issue they simply cannot resolve on their own. Other aspects – from controlling one’s environment, the so-called “foodie” (a person whose life revolves around food all the time), and eating constantly even when a sense of hunger is surfacing, can incrementally have an impact on one’s health.

It may yet not emerge as a full-blown addiction, but the signs may show that you have to be aware of the choices you make to avoid making it an unwanted habit.

The physical health aspect certainly cannot be wiped under the table. Studies from renowned universities and research centres, such as Yale and Stanford University, show that part of the rising obesity and diabetes 2 rates can be attributed to the relationship we have built up with food. 

Recognise any of these factors in your own life and feel you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Maybe a chat with one of our personal fitness trainers or nutrition coaches may give you some insights. Our multi-talented and certified team of health professionals are gladly taking you under their wing, assuring that your tailored fitness programme will meet your nutritional requirements

Since 2003, the Aspire principles encompass a holistic approach to health and wellness and have been the foundation for success stories not only in Bangkok but across the globe.

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