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Although the exact numbers are somewhere out there, the trend of us sitting more than our ancestors did is definitely growing from strength to strength. And it is not working in our favour. The strains from modern-day society are shifting more towards sitting on our behinds for the majority of the time. These incremental bouts of keeping our hips at an almost 90-degree angle see continuation when relaxing moments at home have arrived.

The science is crystal clear about how our extended periods of sitting down affect our health from many angles. The saying ‘if you do not use it, you will lose it,’ is finding its applications in these fields of discomfort; lower back pains are the most common signals our body gives to us that enough is enough.

As much as most of the corporate sector wants us to be productive yet comfortable as well, the habits employees are enduring through extended meetings, we often do need to look beyond the ergonomics. Just like our circadian circle, regular movement to alleviate pain and tightness around the hips has yet to find its way into business cultures. Research has shown that those 10-15 minutes break after 90 minutes of focused work increase productivity.

The same goes for the transition from a seated position to moments of more upright work regularly. Standing desks have proven not only to benefit posture, burning more calories, and a potential solution to ease away the aches of office syndrome, but also dramatically improve mental focus and employee retention.   

Working in so-called ultradian cycles, and switching body positions on a regular basis during your working day is only a small part of our corporate wellness strategies. Our personal fitness trainers and health specialists in Bangkok have ample experience in how to boost employee morale, performance, and energy management that go beyond team building and the right desk chair.

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