Why you Should Know your DNA

Why You Should Know Your Genetics& DNA

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There are ample excuses used to determine why we do not shed weight or are prone to get more sick than others. Is it our environment? Or is it something we eat? Or perhaps linked to our genetic blueprint?

Science points more and more towards the latter. 

This is exactly why at Aspire, we have been pioneering the bridge between science, genetics and personal training in Bangkok to bring precision medicine to lifestyle coaching and client results since 2004. That’s pioneering the industry on a global scale.

And is also a major component of our reputation for ensuring guaranteed results for our clients.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, in particular in the understanding of how our DNA influences almost everything connected to our health and well-being. The blueprint of our individual markers and identity is etched inside our cells, and as each of us bears a unique set of DNA, it also defines our individual preferences and sensitivities.

The instructors of our cell functions do more than just determining what we look like. It shapes our repair processes, the requirements to heal and battle against nutritional incoming, and what the result will be when we stay on the same path. Even when we are being prescribed medication to combat any diseases, our DNA sets the tone for whether it will work or what the side effects may be in the end.

Knowing the millions and millions of data points may well be the reason why you may need to lift heavy, eat more dietary fats, get to bed at a certain time, or avoid certain medications that simply do not give you the result you are looking for. Just like the drawing of your dream house, the foundation is essential, otherwise, the whole structure you always dreamed of will collapse.

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Your personalised genetic blueprint will reveal your optimal nutrition plan, your deficiencies, as well as your ideal training plan. These are based on the 500 reports from millions of data points related to your response to different foods and different types of training modalities. You will also learn specific behavioural traits that will answer many of your life long questions regarding your habits, cravings, addictions and lifestyle choices.

If you are curious about how your DNA may look and what we here at Aspire can offer to make you even perform better, set up a consultation call and get an introduction on how to read, and act upon, your DNA.

Take the smart approach and accelerate your results and work with a professional coach. You will cut the learning curve dramatically and have your team with you to enjoy the journey

If you need help, reach out, we’d love to help you in your nutrition and lifestyle journey with our team of personal trainers at Aspire Coaching, Bangkok.

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