Personal Trainers: More Than Rep Counters

Personal trainers are often given a bad rap because some of them consider the job a mere pastime and they don’t really understand that training people successfully requires more than a clipboard and a pair of sneakers.

Some trainers undermine the credibility of the whole profession, especially in places where freelancers with questionable business methods are a dime a dozen. At the Aspire Club, we pride ourselves in having probably the best team of knowledgeable fitness professionals around. Why? because we care. We have passion, this is our career, and we are not cookie cutter, we come to you PT wanna be’s.

aspire-club-2000Dedicated and dynamic, our trainers will go the extra mile to make absolutely sure your needs and your goals are fully understood and addressed. That means we have do whatever approach it takes to helping you, be the best you can be! Whether you need support in your quest for a slimmer figure or you really want to add some solid muscle mass on your frame, their scientific approach will deliver. Fully licensed and experienced, they’ll offer your the most advanced solutions in order to get your where you want to be: they’ll keep you accountable, focused and motivated so you can break through training plateaus and constantly push yourself.

Everybody can copy a generic fitness program from the internet and just stand there counting repetitions, sheepishly reproducing someone else’s work. We believe that every individual is unique – physically and psychologically – that’s why we develop custom programs for each of our clients and never rely on others to bring you the level of service you deserve.

What you should be looking for

An outstanding service with results is always of massive value, and when it comes to your health and wellness you should never settle for less than the very best. Remember, pay peanuts, and get monkeys! A good personal trainer should always have:

  • A qualification recognized internationally
  • A broad knowledge of everything related to fitness
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • A professional appearance and attitude
  • A visible passion for sports in general
  • Verifiable references and background
  • Proper legal work documentation

At The Aspire Club, all our trainers are fully certified and working legally. Every foreign international professional working at Fitcorp Asia and the Aspire is 100% legal, with work permits. More often than not, the majority of freelancers are simply passing through, here one day, gone tomorrow, with zero systems in place, taking your money and leaving a sour taste in your mouth! Unfortunately, this is quite common in Bangkok.

We’ve been in the business for over 12 years in Thailand and are the only international fitness center that provides an impeccable level of service, where 80% of our members are working with coaches and trainers. This you cannot compare with anywhere else. We fully comply with local laws and can guarantee your peace of mind: you’re in good hands at Aspire.

We look forward to welcoming you in our brand-new building dedicated to your health and fitness.

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