Alice Ramarsa

Alice Ramarsa

Alice Ramarsa

Corporate Wellness Strategist

What was the main reason why you wanted to become a health strategist?

For me, it is all about unleashing the potential to perform better. Health is no longer a given and throughout my career, I have seen how beneficial it can be in guiding anyone – from busy executives to athletes – to become just that one percent better. My drive is to believe we all have immense potential in performing beyond their expectations.

I am a firm believer that health is no longer something that comes automatically. Well-being is a combination of numerous factors – be it lifestyle or mindset – that is so overlooked, that many of us do not know how it feels to live a thriving life.

Tailoring processes to each client with approaches that suit the individual affirms my choice in becoming a corporate wellness strategist. Sharing health knowledge with success is one of the most gratifying feedback I can ever wish for.

Why do you believe everyone needs to have a strategist to stay healthy?

We all can use somebody who looks over our shoulders and points out that accountability and discipline are pivotal when harvesting goals successfully. Approaches that work for them, and not something that is picked from the internet.

Planning, tweaking, fine-tuning, and even changing any person’s trajectory to sustainably and responsibly reach their goals is never a one-man show. The proper execution is a team effort and is best obtained when done together.

Science has shown that strategically planning ahead is what is the key to success.

What is the biggest misconception / myth out in the world about health and wellness?

It often becomes tiresome to see a plethora of posts and articles, showing that wellness is revolving around the gym – anything from daily yoga to intensive group classes. Reputable fitness brands push this forward in their offers, and I cannot emphasise enough that this is inaccurate.

The truth is much more comprehensive. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, be it in the form of happiness, mindfulness, stress management, sleep and nutrition. It is this balance where using your energy as effectively and efficiently as possible is where true health rises.

Ignoring the wellness fluff from fitness centres and gyms is where pushing one to the limit 5-6 times per week for great health is what has shown to be the biggest misnomer in our industry.

For you personally, what makes Aspire stand out from the crowd?

I have yet to see a company that puts so much time and effort into its fitness programming, and this is not only limited to what is happening on the floor. Aspire’s approach has been a game changer for so many clients, and we consistently see people joining us. 

Why? Because the strategies our team is consistently delivering are not something they can find anywhere else. The secret to our success is the science-based approach, different from what others are doing. More work is not better, working smarter through carefully planning is what makes Aspire stand out from the crowd.

From your experience as a wellness strategist, what is the biggest struggle for clients these days?

As the science behind good health is rapidly evolving and we gain a better understanding of what must be done to understand the biomechanics of mind and body, many of our consultation talks are about debunking old beliefs and internet myths. 

Pushing for a method that does work for one person may not work for you. It is one of the largest obstacles we face as clients firmly believe that this training method or nutrition plan is their golden ticket to better health.

At the end of the day, we all have to be on a journey and willing to explore and figure out solutions for our health. This cannot be learned by blindly following what’s on the internet.

A fun fact about you

Travel is what I live for. 

The world is such an interesting place, filled with wonderful beaches, the most intriguing cultures and spectacular sceneries and seeing the world differently is one of my ways of keeping me healthy. Friends and family have labelled me as a travel expert as I am always on the lookout for the best deals for whatever destination is on my radar.

I am proud to be Thai, however, it is not uncommon to hear asking people where I am from. Embracing that open-mindedness to new cultures and the fascinating world outside Bangkok is perhaps what makes me more of a world citizen.

What Makes Aspire Different?

As a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, Aspire Coaching has led the way in delivering personal fitness training in Bangkok. Seen as one of the finest examples of incorporating holistic health approaches in health and wellbeing in Thailand, our team of fitness trainers are experts in exercise, weight loss, and nutrition. Since 2002, our personal trainers have transformed thousands of lives and have improved lifestyles in a sustainable way.

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