“Train your brain” at the Aspire Youth Training Camp 2012!

The CNS (the spinal cord and nerves from the brain) controls the muscles in our bodies by getting information from the peripheral nerve system (nerve endings) located all over our bodies. The nervous system is an incredible organ that is constantly developing in children and youth. In fact, while complete when born the nervous system isn’t fully connected or developed until far into adolescence. This means the ability and possibility to improve and positively affect the development of the connection between the body and the brain is extremely high in youth!

At the AYTC, we make a big effort in practicing different drills and exercises to challenge and stimulate the nervous system. Strength training is one, agility, balance, reaction, and speed are other examples of how we integrate nerve system training in our youth programs at Aspire that in turn will support the development of a healthy, athletic human being.

At the AYTC 2012 we help children and youth in Bangkok move faster, more efficiently, and smarter with programs designed to stimulate all senses and the vital connection between brain and body – the nerve system!

You can join the AYTC at any time between June 25 and August 13, 2012. Sign up today and take advantage of this great and unique opportunity for youth in and around Bangkok to be active, healthy, and stay fit!

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