Why barefoot running? THE FEELING – part 1

feeling barefoot runningOn July 15th, 2012, Henrik from Aspire will run the Pattaya Marathon 2012 barefoot…In the series “why barefoot running?” he defends his sanity and explains why.

Running barefoot is a great feeling, both physiologically and psychologically. Running without shoes adds another dimension of stimulus to all your sensory systems, especially when running barefoot outdoors in nature. You are aware of everything in your surroundings, the feedback given from the nerve endings in the sole of your foot and from your feet to the rest of your body telling you exactly the condition of the surface you are running on, the temperature on the ground and nothing beats striking the ground with on a green carpet of grass or on a sandy beach.

Barefoot running also gives a very light feeling without having to carry around the added weight of your shoes. Running without shoes often gets you to appreciate minimalism and being less dependent on equipment and gadgets can be very relieving for your mind and soul.

“A sense of freedom and happiness” is a common explanation that is used by people to describe barefoot running when they first try it out. Although chances are they have already tried it before. Childhood memories are brought back to life again since running barefoot is far from a new invention to mankind. People have been running barefoot for thousands of years and more or less every child does it on a regular basis. Running barefoot is natural and something our bodies are designed to master and cope with. With the right preparation, knowledge, and training you can rediscover the great feeling of running barefoot and make it a part of your training routine.

Check back soon to read more reasons that explain the reasons behind “why barefoot running?”.

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