Why barefoot running? “FOOT REFLEXOLOGY” – Part 4

On July 15th, 2012, Henrik from Aspire will run the Pattaya Marathon 2012 barefoot…In the series “why barefoot running?” he defends his sanity and explains why.

Running barefoot is unarguably an experience more intense than shod running. The feedback from your feet is a lot greater without a layer of protection between you and the earth as the soles of your feet have thousands of nerve endings and are the second most nerve-dense part of your body after the tongue.

With this in mind, it’s an interesting thought that barefoot running also works as a form of reflexology and zone therapy for the rest of the body. If you have any belief in reflexology, you can easily see that running barefoot will have an impact on the claimed benefits of reflexology and the system of mapped-out zones in our feet that when stimulated by pressure will create a response in specific areas in the rest of our bodies and that such stimulus would create effects and a physical change in specific organs and zones.

This is an interesting view of why barefoot running is good for you. No matter if the positive effect of reflexology is scientifically proven or not, running barefoot to some degree is worth trying for almost anyone interested in a healthy, strong, and injury-free body.

Would you like to give barefoot running a try?

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