Women’s Barbell Strength Program

Another exciting and specific program to empower women to achieve their results and debunk the myths surrounding strength training for women.

➡️Seminar: Tuesday 24th (Open and FREE for everybody)
➡️Program start: 30th April – 27th of May

Why this program?

Strength training is the key element for everyone, especially women. Women progress quickly. After realizing how simple it can be to increase strength and confidence in female clients and the subsequent outcome, how they encourage and inspire each other, it is time to bring this idea to a broader audience. The mission of this one month program is to help more women, who never even thought about having strength goals to improve their body composition, health and fitness. Most women will highly benefit from starting a proper strength training program, instead of doing HIIT, light weights or cardio only.

How does it work?

We incorporate progressive, functional full body barbell exercises. The goal of this program gradually progress every session to guarantee safe improvements and adaptation

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

-Increased self-esteem and confidence
-Decreased body fat percentage
-Increase in muscle (aka “toning”)
-Increased basal metabolic rate (amount of calories your body burns at rest)
-Increase in bone density / decrease risk of osteoporosis

**Requirements: A desire to improve, be the best you can be

What’s in the Women’s Barbell Strength program?

-12 (or 8 ) semi private training sessions with Coach Jamal, who successfully makes ladies (and men) stronger beyond their expectations.
-Strong emphasis on correct lifting technique in the back squat, overhead press, deadlift and bench press with the introduction of chin ups and pull-ups as you progress
Nutrition advice and support to maximize results
Mindset and Confidence: shifting away from outcome goals (like losing bodyweight) to more performance goals and embrace the concept of voluntary hardship, a guiding principle for both training and life. Women will get very confident from starting lifting proper weights.
-Tracking of health (circumference, body fat) and performance (the main lifts)
-Learning how your body works and debunking all the myths regarding Women and Strength Training.
-Probably more progress in one month, than years of spending time in the gym before

Investment in Your Self Development and Confidence

-3 Sessions a week / 12 total / 12,000 THB
-2 sessions a week / 8 total / 9,600 THB
**Fast Action Bonus, take 1,000 baht off your 4 week program when you enroll before Songkran**

What do the ladies say?

“Focusing on Barbell strength training I have been able to do many things that I could not do or never thought I could do before. Like my first strict chin up, back squats of 60kg with great form and deadlift of 70 kg for 5 reps! – that’s 1.5 x my body weight.

I have been able to drop body weight and fat, improve my physical strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but most importantly, gain a lot more confidence in myself.”
Mint S.

“In just a few months, Jamal has helped me make my dream come true of doing a real strict pull up, and also lift with barbells like overhead presses, back squats, bench presses and deadlifts. My impossible is now my POSSIBLE. I feel stronger, leaner and more confident without getting bulky.”
Brenda L.


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