What is the Aspire Youth Training Camp 2012?

AYTC 2012 logo1Aspire, Fitcorp Asia and Youth Performance Institute – Thailand’s leading youth fitness experts – is offering an opportunity for children and youth in Bangkok to be active and stay fit: the Aspire Youth Training Camp 2012.The AYTC 2012 starts on Monday June18 and runs until Friday August 17. The camp continues five days/week, Monday – Friday for 8 weeks, sessions lasting for 2 hours/day for ages 10-18 years old. You can join for as many weeks as your schedule allows during that time frame to take advantage of this unique program designed just for youth in Bangkok.Parents, children, younng athletes: here’s a chance to stay active, get stronger, improve endurance and power that will enhance athleticism and saw a seed for a healthy lifestyle!Sign up today – email:info@fitcorpasia.com
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