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life changing results comes from strategy, accountability, proven systems & EXPERIENCED professionals to give you to the tools to succeed.

“The right education combined with strategy, support and proven systems is the key to your long term success. – Daniel Remon


HOW TO WIN the game of weight loss

Aspire’s reputation is built on results. Over 20 years in the industry, transforming lives and giving clients the tools to apply their on personalized winning formula through strategic nutrition, movement, mindset and habits.

12 week transformation

Your journey starts at your own start point. So it’s essential that your lifestyle transformation is gradual, progressive, simple and achievable.

Small hinges move big doors, and the same holds true with your health. Starting with small changes leads to lasting results, and gives you the confidence to maintain for the long run.

“45kgs lighter and completely transformed my mindset, focus in life, business energy and excitement to live fully again. ”

Colin MachinCEO, Energy Industry


A proven system including the essential pillars of nutrition, habit creation, mindset and a science based strategy success.


Weight loss, lifestyle change is a science. understanding how each person is unique and helping develop your own personalized formula


You deserve to be happy, confident and become your ultimate self. You get once chance at this life, so make it your best.

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how we can help you

You are unique. So you need a unique approach.

Yes, everyone is unique and needs a unique approach. However the approach is based on the same fundamental pillars to optimise fat burning hormones and increase your metabolism, while reducing the hormones that make you store fat and slow down your metabolic rate, especially as you age.


Determine SMARTer goals, identify previous challenges, and develop personalized strategy plan.


Structure your training, daily routines and implement mindset tools to be accountable and results focused.


Refine, Optimize and Amplify your strategies for success while celebrating daily wins and staying accountable.


I struggled for years, not anymore…

“I always thought I was healthy, and didn’t realise how much weight I put on gradually over the years. I tried to do things myself. Join a gym, work with a trainer, ate healthy but still didn’t see the results. I know I needed help, and the team at Aspire help me get fast results, where I instantly had more energy and confidence.”

Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Microsoft


Our programs are designed to educate you on the exact principles, habits and strategies for your training, nutrition and mindset habits. You will learn what works best for you based on our 4 pillars of success.

What you can look forward to


  • checkSimple step by step formula that you apply to your own unique needs, preferences and lifestyle
  • checkThese strategies are easy to apply daily, and do not require hours in the gym or cutting our your favourite foods.
  • For men and women, the process is slightly different as you have different macro needs, hormones and imbalances you need optimise. We help you design your own specific strategy based on you.

About the ProGRAM

How you can get started

Your future self and the result you want to achieve starts with a decision. That’s all. A choice you make that you are ready to change. The client on the left saw these results within the first 4 weeks through reducing inflammation and nutrition. You just need the right approach.

Happy Clients who love their results.
Here’s why:

The types of results are typical.

Results come from an understanding or hormones, not just general advice like move more eat less. There’s more to it than that.

The best part is, you no longer need to trial error – You get to short cut the learning process so you achieve results faster, without the failures.

Even though I was training and thought I was eating healthy, I kept adding weight. I asked Dan for help and within the first week I started to see results. 8 weeks I lost 10kgs.

Claire Adams

Sales Executive and Mum



Hi, I’m Dan Remon.

How we can help you. I’ve spent my entire 20 year career in the health industry learning what is the difference that makes the difference to clients lives. What guarantees success, and what are the key foundations for any client to achieve early results, feel confident, more energised and start seeing the results they want to see. .

Check out all our client success stories and take the first to become one too.


they say the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is today. yoour new life is just a click away.




You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don’t see results within 12 weeks, we will work with you until you do. From experience though, every client we have worked with who has followed and implemented their personalised plan, stayed accountable and done the work has been successful. You can too.


Here are some common questions about the program.

Is there an application?

Yes, you need to apply to ensure you are a good fit for the program. We may recommend a different program for you based on your goals and current start point.

I want to lose more than 20kgs, is this suitable for me?

Yes! We have helped some clients lose 45 kilos, and even 60 kilos. We will encourage you to take it slow and the nutrition will be super important for you to start your health journey. We will help you with that 😉

I have injuries, can I still join?

Consult with us first so we can assess your injuries. Usually we can help you manage your pain, work around your injuries and still help you achieve your goals.

What if I can’t join all the sessions?

No problem, we give you additional programs you can do at home, while you travel and strategies for you to increase you daily activity, so you will always have something to follow.

I don’t speak good English, do you have Thai trainers?

Yes, most of our trainers are Thai, so you will have plenty of support and coaching in Thai for you, including Thai food and nutrition advice.

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