No-Limits Phase I: Foundational Strength – Take your training to the next level

The No-Limits training program is not a weight loss program. It’s not even a muscle building program. It’s a kick-ass-at-life program. The rest are just side-effects.

No-Limits is guaranteed to take your training to the next level. It is based off of the latest in athletic research and development. The entire program will take you through the four major components of an undulating periodization training program; technique, strength, hypertrophy, and power conditioning.

No-limits pI

No-Limits Phase I:
Foundational Strength

Length: 4 weeks

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (12 session)

Pricing: 4 people: 9,900 baht/person (less than 1,000 baht/session!)

2 people: 14,900 baht/person

Phase 1 is Foundational Strength. It is four weeks long and has three major components, bulletproofing, lifting technique, and maximum muscle fiber activation.


The first objective is to bulletproof any vulnerable areas in the body. This will prepare your body for the more advanced lifts. The specific areas of interest are the knees, hips/core, and shoulders. This is an integral part of the program as the main objective is to prevent injury, never cause it.

To accomplish this, there will be some very specific isolation exercises and drills to train the body to learn how to properly preload specific muscle groups. Preloading mean to activate a specific muscle before a lift allowing for an improvement in strength and technique.


The second objective is to focus on lifting technique. We will place great emphasis on using proper lifting techniques. This means not only with how you position your body but also with breathing, proper rest times, and using an appropriate amount of weight for every set.

Proper lifting technique is an absolutely critical part of the training program. Improper technique can not only result in injury but also punishment from the coach in the form of a given exercise. This is only to emphasize the importance of proper technique.

Maximum fiber activation

The third objective is maximum muscle fiber activation. This one will fall into place if the first two objectives are properly executed. An untrained individual and some who call themselves trained are not activating the maximum amount of muscle fibers within their muscles. This means they are missing out on many benefits associated with strength training.

Maximum muscle fiber activation can be accomplished by proper overloading the muscle and using proper lifting techniques to improve the motor neuron pathways from the brain to the muscle. By doing this, you be able to fully activate as many muscle fibers as possible.

During phase I, you will progress from the bulletproofing to technique training and then strength training. It’s important to follow these steps so as not to cause injury by going straight into a progressive overload strength program.

Successful completion

Once phase 1 is successfully completed, you will then be prepared to move on to Phase II: Strength and Hypertrophy training.

Learn more about Phase II: Strength and Hypertrophy.

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To maintain the integrity of the program, each phase is limited to only four clients per group. Special times can be considered if you have a team of four.

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