No-Limits Phase II: Strength & Hypertrophy Training

If this is your first time learning about the No-Limits Training Program please have a look at Phase I: Foundational Strength.

Hypertrophy Training

No-Limits Phase II: Strength and Hypertrophy

Length: 4 weeks

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (12 sessions total)


4 people: 9,900 baht/person (less than 1,000 baht/session!)

2 people: 14,900 baht/person

Strength and Hypertrophy is an integral part of an athletes training program. Strength is how much weight you can move and hypertrophy is an increase in the girth of a muscle belly. Both are strongly correlated with improved athletic performance.

This means, if it can help athletes on the field then it will offer similar benefits to regular Joes while performing simple everyday activities. Not to mention, it never hurts to fill out that size “L” t-shirt.

Humble Beginnings

After completing Phase I, you will now be familiar with proper lifting techniques and be able to perform big compound movements properly. The big compound movements are the presses, the pulls, squats, lunges, and deadlifts. These movements are crucial to building strength and increasing hypertrophy.

The entire premise of the No-Limits Training Program is to train like an athlete. To do this, we will begin to implement what’s known as undulating periodization. This simply means we will train for a specific result using a wave type pattern of training. The wave is achieved by altering the number of sets and repetitions. Phase II is when the real undulating periodization will begin.

Workout Breakdown

Every workout will emphasize one or two of the big movements with supplemental exercises to help strengthen the assisting muscle. By altering the number of reps and sets, we will be able to target the entire spectrum of muscle fibers. This will result in a significant increase in muscle strength and size.

Phase II is when you can expect to see the greatest gains in strength. After successful completion of Phase II you can then move on to Phase III: Hypertrophy and Power.

Learn more about Phase III: Hypertrophy and Power

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To maintain the integrity of the program, each phase is limited to only four clients per group. Special times can be considered if you have a team of four.

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