No-Limits Training Phase III: Hypertrophy & Power

If this is your first time learning about the No-Limits Training Program please have a look at Phase I:
Foundational Strength.


No-limits PIII - Hypertrophy

No-Limits Phase III: Hypertrophy and Power

Length: 4 weeks

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (12 sessions total)


4 people: 9,900 baht/person (less than 1,000 baht/session!)

2 people: 14,900 baht/person

As discussed in Phase II: Strength and Hypertrophy, Hypertrophy is an increase in the size of a muscle belly. This simply means the growth of a muscle. During Phase III, we will begin to phase out the strength training and place greater emphasis on hypertrophy and ultimately power training.

What exactly is power training?

It’s a combination of strength and explosiveness. The perfect example is the keg toss in the Strongman competition. These are all hypotheticals, of course, so bear with me.

During the leg toss, each competitor has to throw really heavy kegs over a really high wall. Strongman A can lift the weight of four kegs. Strongman B can only lift the weight of three kegs. The stronger of the two, Strongman A, can’t even toss one keg over the wall while Strongman B is tossing them like they are soda cans. Strongman A may be stronger but he lacks the same power or explosiveness as Strongman B.


By training for explosiveness, we are going to be conditioning the type IIb muscle fibers. The good news is these are the one with the most potential for growth. If your body is primarily comprised of type IIb fibers you should see a significant gain in hypertrophy during this phase.

Some of the other effects of power training are improved reaction time, stronger motor neuron connections, and you can toss really heavy kegs over really high walls. You know, things you’ll need on a daily basis type stuff.

All joking aside, to get the greatest results from training it’s important to vary your program. This will allow you to gain the greatest results from your training. By emphasizing power in your programs, you will notice a difference in your regular life as well. Simply living will become easier.

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To maintain the integrity of the program, each phase is limited to only four clients per group. Special times can be considered if you have a team of four.

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