How to drop a belt/dress size in Bangkok?

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How to drop a belt/dress size in Bangkok? 2

Getting in shape, fitting into a dress or dropping a belt buckle can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. You see the problem I see regularly with people trying to get fit, especially in Bangkok, is that they focus on everything but the area they really should focus on. People asking if they should stop putting milk in their coffee when what they should be tackling is the fact that they eat their main meal at 711 4 days a week. The reason why we lose focus or focus on the wrong areas is because quite often the most important area is the area that we don’t want to tackle.

If we are to get results with our health and fitness; drop a dress size or fit into our clothes better; we need to focus on the game changers; areas that are going to propel us forward to success. These areas are not based on knowledge of nutrition or in-depth training strategies. These focuses are fundamental areas that relate to  structure, strategy, organization, awareness and leadership. There is information overload out there. We don’t need more info, we need focus, clarity and structure. 

So here you go, you can thank me later;

Number 1:

Track your nutrition for one week on my fitness pal. This will bring about awareness of what you are eating, how often you are eating and what you may need to change. This is not something that is necessary long term but for the short term it will provide you with some very interesting insights about your nutritional habits. Once you have tracked your nutrition then you can analyze your food by asking yourself the following questions;

What is the purpose of this meal?

What is this meal doing for me?

How frequent am I eating and what does this mean?

What does the food on my plate represent?

What have I learned about my eating patterns?

What is serving me well?

What is not serving me?

How can I improve my overall nutrition?

If you are unsure of the answer to some of these questions; then educate yourself or find someone who will educate you on these matters.

Number 2: 

Working out is not training. If you want to get results then you need strategy. Progressive overload, strength, steady state cardio and HIIT are all training variables. There are so many more variables to be taken into account in relation to training frequency, intensity, timing and type. Ask yourself the following questions;

Is my training getting me the results I currently want? If not, why not? If yes, why yes?

Number 3: 

Consistency. It is very difficult to beat consistency. Going hard for one week or 2 weeks will not have any impact. Short term athletes do not get the results they want and if by the off chance that they do, they find it very difficult to sustain. Find a routine that you can implement into your life for the long term, not the short term. What I would recommend anyone to do is to find someone that they admire in terms of physique and analyse that person’s lifestyle and habits. Ask yourself the following questions;

What is that person doing that is allowing them to have that particular result?

How close is my lifestyle compared to that person’s lifestyle?

What needs to be improved or changed for me to get my desired result?

Number 4: 

Set goals, targets and micro goals. What are your actual metrics of success? How can you make these metrics quantifiable? What I Find is that people tend to keep chasing success without ever making it quantifiable and what happens is that they feel like they never actually achieve anything. Setting up numbers, figures, pictures, measurements and having targets is not just important to see but it can be a game changer in terms of motivation. Ask yourself the following questions;

Where do I see myself in terms of results in 6 months?

What are the steps that will get me there?

What are the monthly and bi Monthly targets I need to hit to get me towards my result?

One important factor to note here is that; of course goals are important and targets are motivational. Just don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Number 5: 

Set your baselines and assess yourself. Before you begin, set your baselines. What is your start point and what do you need to work on? If you are starting to train, there is no doubt that you will have some muscular imbalances and postural issues. Assess your posture, mechanics and your starting point (Weight, pics, measurements, exercise baseline, body fat %, etc) and then you are ready to go.

These 5 points are the first steps to getting you on your journey. They are integral parts of the process and this is what most personal trainers, coaches and people in general fail to focus on. This is not just related to fitness and health results but in every aspect of life.

The road to success in everything begins with awareness, baselines, assessments, targets and strategy.

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