The focus and velocity concept, what we also call the Window of Opportunity (WOOP) is a strategy to help you oscillate your engagement, focus and success that is sustainable and effective.

We can’t be crushing life at 100% all the time, so this allows you to place more focus for a short period of time, 1, 2, 4 weeks, whatever works best for you to dial into your critical concepts for optimal health.

Then you can achieve the new level of health, performance and results, then maintain. Engage – Disengage. Focus with Velocity – then maintain.

Create shorter windows of opportunity in your life when your life and work are less hectic and you can capitalize on the opportunity to excel.

Now is the perfect time.

Each week we will be new insights, developments and strategies to help you be your ultimate best self.

Dan Remon Performance & Life Coach

Dan Remon


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