The contradictions in all diet plans

Attuned to whatever is marketed out there, it seems that none of the macronutrients is safe from elimination. Even alcohol is often added to the equation in the form of the so-called Guinness diet, where the benefits of this brown-brewed ale are seen as a weight loss solution. An extreme train of thought when thinking that we tend to discard our nightcap or pick-me-ups completely out of our diet.

Since the 1970s, the diet industry has grown exponentially. It is now officially constituted as a billion-dollar industry worldwide. Driven by the fact our lifestyle has changed and the introduction of new means of getting our nutrients in our body, we are literally inundated with diet solutions, shake and juice plans, and eliminating the bad things of your life.

Diets are much more about taking in less. Cutting this, discarding that, and the list goes on. Comparing all these weight loss solutions, this is the common denominator. Supported by success stories left and right, from cutting your meats out to increasing your dietary fat, the list goes on and on.

And in the end, we have nothing left we can eat. Because it goes against the grain of yet another dieting solution that has a steady-fast group of followers with an equal amount of weight loss winners.

The reason why diets fail is mainly because of this sense of “I must cut out something to succeed. And if I fail after 2 months, I either will try something else or diet harder. Even though another nutrition expert says otherwise.”

Aspire’s principles are founded on nothing of the sort as described above. Food is fuel, and we tailor it to your lifestyle. Contact one of our personal fitness trainers in our Bangkok studio and learn about the success formula.

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