Why Cheat Meals are a Lie.

Why Cheat Meals are a Lie. Here are 3 reasons Why and What to do Instead

Personal Trainer Bangkok - Cheat Meal - Nutrition CoachOver my 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry one of the most important element is that I have focused on for clients to achieve their fat loss, performance and fitness goals is nutrition.

Probably the most misunderstood component of health, the holy grail of results, and the most challenging element to not only understand but to master and implement is nutrition.

Above all else, the psychology of weight loss is the one of the biggest elements to overcome, and to understand to help you achieve those weight loss goals.

To be successful in your weight loss endeavors, the words and imagery you use with yourself to change behaviors, to make better choices when it comes to nutrition, fuel and recovery is the vocabulary you use and what you tell yourself. Limiting beliefs are trained and tight, embedded into our subconscious mind and therefore, become truth.

One key factor in the failure of so many clients and people who wish to lose weight is the negative association of exercise and food. I think one of the largest misnomers in the health and fitness industry regarding nutrition is the Cheat meal.

What exactly is the cheat meals?

Well for one, it automatically implies we are cheating. And here lies the problem.

Imagine this. You are 100% committed to achieving your health goals. You have invested time into your training, invested money in a trainer or membership, investing in quality healthy food that’s going to help you achieve these goals. You’re doing everything right. Sleeping early, planning your schedule and your time, committed to the process. Building a positive mindset to stay in track, and achieve. Yes one day a week you are told you can cheat. Cheat meaning, take a short cut, do something you shouldn’t be doing. This goes against your morals, your values and your integrity. This is totally opposite to the direction you want to go. Your direction is sabotaged by a lie. A cheat meal. Even worse, you have been probably told that your cheat day is your reward.

This needs to change.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective that can empower you to better results. Better compliance, and to reinforce a positive mindset and approach to your goals and lifestyle change.

1. Eating for a lifestyle is the reality of life itself

Going out with friends, socializes, trying the latest new restaurants, celebrating birthdays, having a few drinks. THIS is life. So we need to ENJOY life. Not feel we are being deprived or cheating our way through it to accomplish a specific weight loss or fitness goals. Don’t punish yourself by calling it a cheat day, telling yourself you shouldn’t be doing it and it’s ‘against the rules’. There are no rules. You are simply living life, enjoying life’s pleasures, it’s all part of your ‘strategy’ for total lifestyle balance, and strategic in your plan.

2. Use more empowering words

Given the above point, rather than consider this to be a cheat day, use more empowering words like ‘normal day, eat for life day, your ‘day off’, refuel day, recharge day, or refeed day. These are so much more powerful, positive approaches to results and a normal ‘lifestyle’.

Like with any other area in your life, success comes from a plan. A strategic plan to achieve a specific outcome. Whether it be financial, health, career, and monetary, marketing, energy. All must come from knowing what your desired outcome is, developing the specific plan to achieve that specific outcome, implementing that pan and monitoring your progress and ultimately achieves your results.

3. Increasing your fat burning capacity

Physiologically, foods higher in fats and carbohydrates release the hormone leptin, which sends signals to the brain to burn fat, and give the signal that you are full. They strategic part IS to enjoy a day of refueling to initiate higher levels of fat for fuel. So in fact, refueling days or refeeding days is essential for most people to maximize their fat burning efficiency and achieve results in less time.

When you have a strategic plan in place, its all ‘part of the plan. Use empowering words which align with your mindset, your goals and your intelligent plan to achieve your desired outcome.

About the Author:

Daniel Remon has been a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, developing a multitude of result driven health businesses from gyms, personal training studios, retreats, education and corporate wellness. An energetic and inspiring speaker and presenter, Daniel writes in real terms on the lastest research, programming, training and nutrition that just make sense, and supported through research.

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