The Essence of Water

On average, our body is 60% water.

It may not come as a surprise that many of the findings connect us originating from the oceans. Controversies aside and depending on different views, the scientific proof connected to us once being water-dwelling creatures.

Many of our organs even have more water than solid materials; our brain is somewhere 80% made up of water is one of the best examples. Similar numbers exist in organs such as kidneys and lungs. Even our eyes would not work when their water levels drop – dry eyes are one of these signals that your eyes may be slightly water depleted.

Not only is water crucial for keeping our internal systems working efficiently, but having enough water brings much more benefits. From keeping our joints lubricated to ensuring our body temperature is balanced out; it is also responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen – in the form of blood – to cells.

While we carry a lot of energy with us in the form of fat, drinking enough water regularly throughout the day is of the greatest essence. Human physiology may even get compromised when not drinking water for 24 hours.

Personal Trainers Bangkok - The Essence of Water

Throughout any 1-hour workout session, you may lose up to 1 litre of water through transpiration, depending on person to person. As your body heats up during sets and reps, excess heat will be excreted through your skin to regulate your body temperature. It is not uncommon to hear our personal fitness trainers asking you to drink some water in order to make up for the loss after a few sets.

As much as you may need to drink when on the Aspire floor, so is your need to replenish your body with water during the day. While soft and sports drinks, coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages may be a more preferred option, prioritising water must be put into the spotlight.

Want to spice up your water? Add some lime, mint, lemongrass or even berries and mix it up. Feel slightly lightheaded? Add a pinch of salt.

How much water should you drink every day, when one should drink a glass of H2O, and what you can do in getting more of this life-sustainable liquid in you, Aspire’s coaching team is happy to guide you through this.

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