The unreliability of motivation

Motivation is a fleeting thing.

Whether we feel it is not the right time or links it to emotionally challenging times, the truth is that we always face some hurdles when we want to take that step forward. It can be time-related, having other priorities, or circumstances that one defines as not moving into these much-desired, life-changing directions.

And in many cases, when new paths are inked down into one’s to-do list, the word motivation often springs to mind.

Enough definitions are going around that define motivation, linking it to biological, emotional, social, or cognitive forces. It connects to driving one’s self in preparation for turning new corners and mentally geared toward achieving that goal. The right mindset, the right time, wiping some slates clean to get one’s focus in check (be it extrinsic or intrinsic). 

We plan, we schedule, we think, we research, we reschedule, we set goals…and we wait until we are motivated.

Motivation can be good, but it is not the driving force. If one waits to feel motivated to commence, one will never reach a goal. You can plan, write down, buy the equipment needed, and schedule what you like, but you will not move forward. 

Motivation is temporary. One day, you are filled with it. On other days, it is lost somewhere in translation.

Motivation does not lead to action – action leads to motivation. The magic word here is action.

To achieve goals is to push forward persistently and continuously having the zest, willingness and ability to go over, across and through obstacles. Maintaining a level of endurance to move ahead despite what difficulties may arise is the main driver.

When doing it now, do it consistently. And all it takes is 2 minutes.

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