The Importance of Morning Sunlight

Finding the right balance between the waking state and sleep state is an important one. However, as we are all different, there is no right or wrong timing except for those ignoring their biological clock.

While more of us are night owls and others lean more towards early risers, getting your sleep and daylight energy levels right has been shown to make or break your day. Part of the process of setting your circadian rhythm right is to get sunlight in your eyes as early as possible every single day. Allowing sunlight to hit your retinas, particularly the lower part of your eyes, is a crucial daily activity for everyone. 

Even when the sun is covered by clouds, getting those 15-20 minutes of sunlight exposure in your eyes is what you are after when starting the day fresh and energized. If you are a late riser, adding extra time to your time outside should be more the norm; setting your rhythm at a later stage of the day takes more sunlight. 

Safety is and remains a priority in everything we do and how we need to approach whatever gets us fired up to attack the day. If you require wearing sunglasses to avoid the sharpness of the sunrays, please do so (i.e. when driving a vehicle). However, it remains best not to wear your cool shades when it is not needed.

Light exposure early in the morning is one of the most crucial parts of setting your internal clockwork, and during the day, exposure to light has to be a priority. Once the sun has set, and darkness welcomes the end of another day, turning down the lights to more subdued levels is what you want to go for. If needed, wear blue blockers to avoid a massive influx of blue light from mobile devices, computers and television screens as this inhibits the rise of your sleep-inducing hormones.

Follow this simple yet effective strategy, and you’re on an enlightened path towards a better and more performance-driven you. 

Too many fitness trainers leave aside these small yet important details out of their fitness programmes, yet with science backing up these results, it has become an aspect that simply cannot be ignored for a healthy lifestyle.

Our personal fitness trainers are happy to share these daily routines in detail to ensure you max out your performance in our private fitness studio.

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