The Essence of Hunger

In its broader context, food brings families and friends together, solidifies cultures, and assures we stay nourished well to get through the coming hours ahead.

In many of our talks, the definition of how clients describe the term ‘hungry’ is questioned. While the above certainly has its merits when that feeling of “I need to eat” is needed, in today’s society, we bite more than we need to chew. 

Hunger is quite a subjective term in that sense. That desire to dig into a bowl or plate of some real food is correlated with how the hormone Ghrelin sends signals to our brain, calling out for food. Ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, is secreted from our fat cells and travels through our circulatory systems to our brains. It is the primary hormone connected to our sensation of hunger as it manipulates our Central Nervous System (CNS).

But are we always hungry when we take out our fork, knife, spoon, or chopsticks?

We often ignore that hunger feeling instead of whatever internal or external factors contribute to that desire to eat. We are influenced by what we eat and how much by our environment and the mindset we’re in. A state of awareness often fades away in favor of wanting to satisfy the munchies.

While Bangkok, and other cities with a rich and vast food culture, are inundated with food options to even satisfy the most passionate foodie, intercepting these triggers not to eat when that hunger feeling is off the table are habitual essentials to implement.

Human aspects such as stress, boredom, lack of sleep, and other modern-day challenges are internal factors that often lead to eating more. Snacking is one of these trends that is directly correlated to weight gain on many levels of society, as well as not knowing how and what much one (needs to) eat in staying energized and geared towards his/her preferred weight.

Throughout our sessions, our personal fitness trainers emphasize the importance of creating awareness when weight loss is on the scale. Going beyond our fitness programming, Aspire has long been a supporter of allowing clients to become extremely clear about when they eat and whether they are really hungry.

Contact one of our weight loss coaches or personal fitness trainers when you are yo-yo dieting, not able to control your weight, and learn how to sustainably keep your weight off without following a diet.

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