Who is in charge of the Aspire Youth Training Camp?

YOUTHThe team behind the AYTC are the youth fitness specialists and performance coaches at Aspire and Fitcorp Asia. The structure and training of all activities at the AYTC 2012 is managed by the international team from Aspire and all instructors and youth fitness coaches are highly qualified and trained to teach and supervise youth.

The AYTC follows world class standards with proven methods and strategies for effective youth physical development as well as personal growth. If you live in Bangkok, don’t miss out on the opportunity to expose your children to the great learning and stimulating environment that will teach skills to last a lifetime!

Aspire welcomes all children and youth in Bangkok with time on their hands to particpate in the fun events at AYTC 2012, June 18 – August 17.

Contact us to sign up or call 08-76727452 for more information!

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