The Fruit Dilemma

The Fruit Dilemma

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Ever wondered what the deal is with fruit? Society is pushing forward eating as much as we can because of its nutritional values and boosts of health benefits  every single day.

Often receiving the nickname of Mother Nature’s Candy, those knowing its sweet compounds are aware that there actually is a right time to eat fruit. 

There is a lot of confusion – and misinformation – about eating fruit. Associated with being loaded with vitamins and minerals, the concept of eating fruit all throughout the day to boost our health markers to better standards has been woven into our society. The questions our coaches receive when nutrition comes into play often include the consumption of different kinds of fruit and what benefits their training schedule.

Although we are surrounded by fruit year-round, it hasn’t always been the case. Prior to the industrial revolution, it was Mother Nature which determined when it was the time for a fruity meal. With the sun as the main energy source, the majority of most well-known fruit sources bloomed in abundance during the summer months. Our bodies were attuned to what nature delivered every 12 months before a new cycle arrived. And logically thinking, it makes sense; try to find a fruit plantation blooming in abundance during the winter months! 

Particularly here in South-East Asia, the abundance of fruit options is plentiful and can be found on almost every street corner. Yet, we tend to forget that the majority of fruits still contain sugars in the form of fructose, better known as “fruit sugars”. A composite that may raise cholesterol levels, the advantage compared to normal table sugar (sucrose) is that it does not rise immediately.

While the fructose in lower dosage is not harmful to overall health (depending on the individual), there is indeed the best time to get those micronutrients into your body. When eager to add some fruit to your diet, we highly recommend adding fruit to your diet right after exercise (when your glucose levels are fairly drained and ready to be replenished). Or right after having a meal (not to spike your insulin levels even further).

If the fruit is really your thing, the best thing to consume is not by squeezing it into juice form but as a whole. The higher content of fiber in non-squeezed versions of your favourite fruit (mix) may add to gaining health benefits. If you are a fruit juice fan, there is no better way to max out your vitamin and mineral intake than by making it fresh at home.

Cutting through the abundance of information, might be easier with the help of a nutrition coach. It’s a lot more simple when you have the expertise to support you, cut through the confusion and help you develop a customized approach based on your specific needs.

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As a nutrition coach, and working with clients on building intelligent nutrition strategies for over 20 years, and I can tell you that everyone, and I mean everyone, overthinks and over complicates nutrition. It can be so much more simple than you think. I’ve also witnessed the incredible impact and difference it makes in their lives. 

From overcoming weight loss plateaus, figure out what foods work best for me, reversing diabetes to hyper productivity for executives and business owners, to empowering youth and young kids to understand how food and nutrition affects their energy.

If you are interested in working with a nutrition coach, I suggest you do some research and find one that fits your needs. There are a lot of different coaches out there, so be sure to find one that matches your goals and has many success stories of similar clients to you.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when it comes to the fruit dilemma.

  • Why are you eating it and what would be the best choices?
  • Do you eat fruit on it’s own or combined with other macro’s?
  • How much is too much fruit?
  • When is the best time to eat fruit?
  • Should you eat fruit before or after your training?
  • Does eating fruit late at night affect my weight loss goals?

Take the smart approach and accelerate your results and work with a professional nutrition coach. You will cut the learning curve dramatically and have your team with you to enjoy the journey.

Then take action and be a sponge of learning. If you’re interested in becoming a Nutrition Coach, check out the course at ASPATA.

If you need help, reach out, we’d love to help you in your nutrition and lifestyle journey with our team of personal trainers and nutrition coaches in Bangkok.

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