Is More Better?

Is More Better?

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The drive for optimising health has never been bigger than now. As many of us are brushing off the cobwebs of COVID hibernation, the gym, health centres and wellness retreats are already gearing up in delivering that much-needed commercial catch up. 

As with many industries, the lure of offering more for less is what drives the fitness market. Offers where customers can hit every single day a new class in getting back on track has never been bigger as now. For 30 days, 7 days a week, a plethora of keeping the training studio floor occupied is their mantra. And who can resist the temptation of such deals?

However, it is not the solution to boost your metabolism and energy to pre-COVID times; it actually works counter-productive. At Aspire, we use the science of kinesiology with evidence-based strategies to sustainably stack those health gains. Albeit tempted and getting people to move more, more is not (always) better.

Because health is more than breaking a sweat for one hour each day. The results of a well-balanced health – be it exercise, nutrition, sleep, productivity and energy management – are all interlinked. It is just the way the body works. Short-term gains with the crosshairs on one single aspect of health is not sustainable. The gains you make in saving a few bucks here and there will not translate into those losses you made in 2020 and 2021. And beyond.

Cutting through the abundance of information, might be easier with the help of a coach. It’s a lot more simple when you have the expertise to support you, cut through the confusion and help you develop a customized approach based on your specific needs.

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We take health (more) seriously than what we portray. Because the secret sauce of our success does not lie in the fact that one size fits all. Agree, group classes bring out certain health aspects other than reaching that six-pack or big guns but is it worth grinding away for whatever you have lost to get back on the health track?

Your body does not work that way. The reason why all our coaches are more than just having that fitness certification behind their name. A philosophy that has stood the test of time and is founded on the principles of good, sustainable health. Without compromises.

It is one of these reasons why Aspire is unique and puts the focus on more than just exercise.

The key is to look at the simple cause and effect.

Is what you are currently doing, giving you the results you seek?

Are you just spinning your wheels in a routine that isn’t actually working?

Take the smart approach and accelerate your results and work with a professional coach. You will cut the learning curve dramatically and have your team with you to enjoy the journey

If you need help, reach out, we’d love to help you in your nutrition and lifestyle journey with our team of personal trainers at Aspire Coaching, Bangkok.

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