Who is the Aspire Youth Training Camp for?

The Aspire Youth Training Camp is a youth fitness program for children and youth between the ages 10-18 living in or around Bangkok. No matter current fitness level, experience, strength or body size – AYTC 2012 is tailored to meet all needs and abilities. The 2 hour daily sessions (Monday-Friday) are supervised from the experiences youth coaches at Aspire to assure that individual modifications to activities are always offered. Using this strategy, no one is held back or pushed beyond their current level of fitness which provides a great environment for physical development for a young, developing child.

Aspire welcomes all children and youth in Bangkok with time on their hands to particpate in the fun events at AYTC 2012, June 18 – August 17.

Contact us to sign up or call 08-76727452 for more information!

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